how would I go about to get my hands on water from the stix.
And what would be the efects of baiding your ENTIRE body into it.

No weak spots like achiles no your entire body baiding in the water of hate.

Invulnatability ?

You mean the Styx?

Yes,the water of achiles.

And I want to know if you bait in it will you take bullets and not flinch?
Like achilles.And if you baith your entire body ionto the water will you esansely be un killibel by any physical means.
Exept age.

Go try it and report back here.

Thats the problem I don’t know how to get my hands on the water.

Evocation,soul travel…

That’s why I am asking the BALG community I shall report back here if I get my hand on some of that water.

Physically? Impossible, since it doesn’t exist on the physical plane.

What you COULD do is soul travel to the Styx on a different astral plane and then gather it’s energy, open your eyes, and discharge that energy into a water bottle.

Or hell, make a thoughtform/servitor that will bathe in the energy of the Styx for xx amount of time, and then make a link to it. After that’s done, tap into the link to gain the energy.

You could also gather some universal energy and convert it into Styx energy, though that’s a little advanced for someone starting out. I’m judging you’re a beginner by the fact you can’t soul travel (or so your post implied).

Yes I’m a begginer.

Soultravel is impossible to me I am waiting ti E.A.'s course on the subject.
Any tips for a begginer?


You shouldn’t, that’ll probably take a while.

My tips:

  1. Sit in a chair. Have a lamp or other source of direct light behind you cast your shadow on the wall and face it.

  2. Become the shadow. View yourself from the shadow’s perspective.

  3. Feel your limbs. This is a whole body affair, not mental projection.

  4. Break free of the shadow and move around.

  5. Make things that will give you different feelings. I once walked through an astral sword I conjured and got a stomach virus.

Then do some ghost work, which is what I’m working on.