I wish to travel to the river stix can any one give me adwise for traveling there.

Still working on my AP, but I’d advise you to contact Hades. I actually have no clue what one would do, but it seems like a logical conclusion.

I’d advise you to contact Hades.
Poseidon is the king of rivers but th eriver floes trough the underwold summon both maybe ?

I’ve never evoked, man, so I don’t know.

Your ambitions appear to outreach your abilities right now.

That’s fine, a lot of us have been there. It’s where you start.

If you’d like to OWN what you achieve - instead of having it delivered to you - then work on some kind of occult/magickal/spiritual discipline, and stop asking the way to San José.

with all the beautiful rivers in the world, why stix ? :slight_smile:

Hades rules the underworld, Poseidon the seas and rivers, and Zeus the heavens.

Styx is in the underworld, that’s basically a non physical place, not a normal river. I’ll give it a shot for OBE, Soul Travel, Etc… you do not need to know how to evoke to get into it, tho it has it’s dangers, but on the positive site can help you to develop psychic senses.

But yeah, if you know how to evoke, do it, if you don’t, learn the basics first… there are no tricks when it comes to magick is all work work work!!!

You could always work with the goddess Styx; the river was named Styx in her honor.

how can I evoke her ?

Just like a normal evocation, but instead of a sigil just vibrate her name. Also if you can find an image of her to focus on while doing this, it can help make the connection a tad easier. You could also make a sigil using the Rosy Cross method to use until she can give you one herself.

“In the footsteps of Orpheus” by RF Paget might help you find the Stix.

The same stix that made achilles unkillabel by physical means exept poisson ,desease and old age?

A powerful account of the life, art, and tragic death of a 20th-century Hungarian Jewish poet?

Could you send my a link to the actual book?

Stix a red blood river,were ya come to a world of spirits looking to left&come.the river is a example of waves of life,such sturboness,lazyness,mistakes,and a lot of regreats,yes its real.basically a hell,whitout exit.were peoples strugle to find somtng,wen died young& old,or were stand still.whitout hope,anger,regreats its the atmosphere tere,

Yes,i aprove this enghlis post,:wink:

the dead wait on the shores of the stix to get to the underworld if they weren’t burried with a coin to pay the boat to the other side you have to stay on the shores of the stix for all eterniy.
Yes being stuck there can cause frustation ,anger and despair.

But if you baith in the river as a living human you gain the powers of achiles if you baith into the river completly with your full body you surpass even him you become unkillebal invulrabel only poison desease and age can kill you.

If you drink from it I suppose your inne organs also gain that protection but you will not be able to speak for 7 years.