Still strugging with theta gamma sync

So Ive asked for help with this in the past but still nothing seems to work to get there, and it seems that no ritual will work without it even candle and sigil magick. Or so Im led to believe by what Ive read. Any thoughts or suggestions Id greatly appreciate.

Thanks in advance to anyone reading I know youll have something to help.

Count Z

How are you going with meditation? How often and for how long do you practice? What style are you practicing?

To be honest, the Sync comes pretty easily when you’re DOING the ritual. Go through the steps and really sink into it, take time with each step and you’ll slowly cultivate that ability.

The thought that you HAVE to have the Sync in order to do the ritual is just an excuse for you not to do them. Go through the steps, sink into it and reap your harvest.

there are two exercises in autogenic training that help you activate your theta-gamma sync. they are the autogenic training phrases and the space exercise. to do the full autogenic training exercise (which you won’t find anywhere else online):

: sit in the king position (feet flat on the floor, hands on your thighs, which is the western magickal tradition meditation asana)

: mentally go over your body, taking in both sides at one time:
take your mind to your feet, starting with your toes.
move to your heels.
move to your ankles.
move to your calves.
move to your shins.
move to your thighs.
move to your hips and pelvis.
move to your stomach.
move to your chest.
move to your shoulders.
move to your upper arms.
move to your elbows.
move to your forearms.
move to your wrists.
move to your hands and finger.
then take your mind to your back starting with your buttocks.
move up the big muscles of your back.
move around your shoulder blades.
move up the back of your neck.
move over your scalp.
move to your forehead.
move around your eyes.
move around your cheeks.
move to your jaw which should be loose and comfortable.

: then do the space exercise. repeat each line 3 to 5 times:
i imagine a space between my eyes
i imagine a space between my ears
i imagine a space between my shoulders
i imagine a space between my upper arms
i imagine a space between my elbows
i imagine a space between my forearms
i imagine a space between my wrists
i imagine a space between my hands
i imagine a space between my hips
i imagine a space between my thighs
i imagine a space between my knees
i imagine a space between my lower legs
i imagine a space between my ankles
i imagine a space between my feet

: then do the autogenic phrases. karl hans welz has them written in his online autogenic training course ( go to page 9 on his course and put the first stepin here, then continue with my instructions. do that for a few days and then do these instructions i have given you here but put the second step in here for a few days, and then the third step, until you are at the sixth step. the only thing is, hans tells you to cancel. DON’T cancel. continue what i’m showing you.

: do the space exercise again, as above.

: THEN cancel. cancelling is explained on page 9 in hans’ course (

do this daily as often as you can. your theta-gamma sync happens spontaneously after 4 to 7 weeks of doing this daily. it will show as flashing lights or by you seeing colours. you’ll be able to hold the t-g sync from 15 minutes to an hour if you relax and pay attention to it rather than trying to grab hold of it.

from there you should be able to go into transfiguration of consciousness, the rapture state and the crossroads.

give it a try if you’re still having trouble with t-g.

good luck


Interesting exercise wright. Holds much weight.

Count Zero from Jewish Meditation:

Adopt a confortable posture (sit on a chair)

Once in that posture youre gonna keep it for 40 mins

Start repeating a mantram (Azazel for exanple) continuously, first spoke n aloud then mentally

At 35 mins youll notice a shift in your consciousnes generated by the loop of this, this is what’s known as Theta Gamma or Alpha as other book call it,

It takes practice as everything

Before meditate perform a banishing, anything you like will be ok

Just a thought I 've had as I’ve seen a few questions about “what is the Th-G synch” on this Forum, and also a few comments saying Alpha state is the same as Th-G Synch.

That could be- as different authors use different terms, to mean the same, or perhaps are just loose in their terms, but
the Alpha range state (sort of drowsy drifting kind of focus) in my exper is distinct from
the Theta range state (a sense of Visions seen just on the edge of Attn- if you try and “hard focus” to look at, mind state changes- as if they are not on the same “visiual screen”… associated with a type of tactile-felt decoding of what is being “sensed” as if remmebering something “on the tip of the tongue”… which can get confused and garbled if the physical sensations is thought of and blended- per focus shift)
but being in this Theta, like the razors edge (as one writer put it it seems like motionless, but is like being a seagull appearing motionless in the wind that is blowing up a dune- where the seagull’s wings are constantly shifting and adjusting to hold steady… slight effort, but only works if that adjusting-effort is effortless) -holding this state, there is a shift from sensing a state, to it stabilizing and reinforcing itself (but you can still “pop-out” at that pt)

If-when held in this pt, you can sense (at some pt, length depends upon your system, not on Efforting in anyway- just wait and exper your “Sensing the Unseen” while simul being aware of Enviro- the 2 blend… over time this happens faster, but adjusting to it)… there are these spikes, sort of vague but distinct whoosh senses… which are brief Gamma jolts

Each of these can pop you out of Theta, or cause you to focus inside and loose awareness of Enviro, trigger body response or Mind-Chatter, breakdown in to trying to make it happen (Beta State jump)...   if-when these spikes happen and you sense them, but let them go by and flood change your state (like slipping into a Lucid Dream- not too deep or lose focus but not grab hold, drift in.. which alters your Awareness state)..     thus you are in a state which has Theta and Gamma Spikes.

Now in that state- the 2 (thetat state and Gamma Spikes) occur separately, but they can Synch up..  ie a third state arises that is InFormed by both..
 That 3rd state is (or what it produces results in) the Th-G Synch

I then sense a certain “direction” to Look with Mind, kind of like glancing around this dir and that… and then spotting a landmark-pt. “look” (in quotes per look- being focus attn on something, but not on a “thought IN your mind” but something sensed by the Mind…
- like look different directions and in one dir you’ll sense Something)… feel how seeing that affects your phy, then through your phy your Enviro… how that resonance in your Enviro then affects your Phy… which can help you See that more… until things get weird (things dim and yet get sharply focused- and mind thinks different- I sure don’t get the usual recall everything that happened after- its like what happened… it sort of all happens at once (in memory of it) and during certain parts are highlighted and interpreted differently… so even the “enviro” room you are familiar with is the Same, but looks-feels different…

So I sense some saying the relaxation, or fasting or repetitive focus all helping release focus of the “usual mind” - and I think one can drift that way (espec if uncon resisting it, thus the techniques), but it seems to me not all “altered-hypno type mind states” are the same. -diff , even though helps (like the Silva Mind Control- techs many bks later ‘reused’ is an Alpha like state, or even Theta with Beta state focus)…

Also relaxation and altered mind focus are applied tools, as in the Divination course where EA goes into the state within seconds while talking to the camera… was that from practicing relaxation, so relaxed that quick?

or is the relaxation secondary, and more the mind state- just don’t interfere with the CNS refocusing

the Rapture is physiological, and in that state I believe strongly affects bloodchem… would be interesting to test and see how)- as well as Nerves through the limbs&torso, let alone the Nervers in the Brain&spine

I hope this helps and might further stim discussion-exploration…

[quote=“YogaApprentice, post:6, topic:1350”]Count Zero from Jewish Meditation:

Adopt a confortable posture (sit on a chair)

Once in that posture youre gonna keep it for 40 mins

Start repeating a mantram (Azazel for exanple) continuously, first spoke n aloud then mentally

At 35 mins youll notice a shift in your consciousnes generated by the loop of this, this is what’s known as Theta Gamma or Alpha as other book call it,

It takes practice as everything

Before meditate perform a banishing, anything you like will be ok[/quote]

wait. NOW i get the point of those old arabic 10,000 repetition chants! it makes PERFECT sense now.

a few years ago i found a site ( that had instructions of arabic mantrams to be repeated 10,000 times in preparation to doing indonesian magick. i don’t have that much concentration (very few people do), so what i did, was i wrote a short phrase in ms word, cut/paste it 10 times, cut/paste the whole lot 10 times again (100 repetitions), cut/paste the entire thing 10 times (1000 repetitions), cut/paste the entire thing again 10 times (10,000 repetitions), then converted that into a pdf.

then i opened acrobat reader and set it to read the document while i lay down, and i would repeat the statement along with my computer.

after 5 minutes my mind would get bored but i kept going.

after about 10 minutes i’d get really irritated but i kept going.

after about 20 minutes things begin to happen. and around 30 minutes in you just go into trance.

i never did make it through the entire 10,000 repetitions, i only ever got up to around 500 or 600 reps. but that’s enough to see things change.

all these years after and finally NOW i get the point of doing that exercise. it’s for transformation of consciousness

it DOES work but it takes a lot of time and energy

Wow, Wright let me just say thank you on behalf of all the newbs reading your post.

I’ve never heard of Dr. Wright or the Autogenic course before you posted it. This is only the 2nd day I have tried (with your added suggestions) and the results are AMAZING!

I can’t be 100% sure it’s ‘Theta-Gamma’, but I can literally visualize the electrical/informational energies coming into my body. I feel an intense lightness and focus. I can feel the power of the universe surrounding me that I can normally only feel on certain psychedelic drugs. It’s certainly a trance state, and I fucking LOVE IT.

I’m doing this along with the Black Bowl/Caldron exercise with the egg from E.A’s Mastering Divination course, and I am actually getting results.

AMAZING my friend, thanks so much!

anytime! we’re all here to learn and ascend together. after all, i’m a newbie too

Hmmm…well, I thought I would give your method a try by having ‘alash tad alash tal ashtu’ typed out over and over again in a pdf, but the robotic reader voice just goes “tad alash tal ashtu ash”…dead quick and disjointed. Not working then!

oh yeah i forgot to mention

the robotic reader won’t read other languages all that well

you might have to type it out like this:

al ash tad al ash tal ash too.

it’ll sound funny but if the robot recognizes the word it’ll read it. you have to play around with it a little sometimes because the technology isn’ the best.

another way to do it is to record yourself reading the phrase in an mp3 recorder and then set your computer to play it back in an endless loop. that’ll do the same thing

Thanks for the explanation, Fool.(Dont know why people are calling you Wright. Did I miss something?) I’ve been interested in autogenic training for awhile now. But just for clarity, so basically I would do the body awareness exercise, then do the space exercise, THEN do one of Karl’s steps, such as one, then do the space exercises again, THEN cancel correct? Hopefully I’m not too far off base. Lol

yup you got it. position, scan, space exercise, the autogenic phrases, space exercise again, then end with ‘i am completely calm’ and then cancel.

Awesome man. I’ve done autogenic training before and it had more powerful results than any meditation or relaxation I’ve done before, but…my…damned…procrastination strikes again and I got out of practice. Your method is more thorough, though and seems even better. I’m about to get back on the ball and back to training. Thanks again, bro.

Hey All,

I’ve never done autogenic training before and am wanting to give it a go but I’m wondering why the steps given by Welz in the article only include the right arm, then onto the heart. When do you do the other arm? The six steps don’t mention it. For those who are experienced with this, I’d appreciate your advice.

im just now seeing this post.

in the actual manual you first do your DOMINANT arm. if you are left-handed like i am you start with your left arm, and then you do your right arm, and then you do both arms. similarly, left leg, then right leg, then both legs. then arms and legs.