Still on the issue of evocation of spirit

Is there any bad effect of asking a specific spirit what it can do, i.e the power it has when summoned in case the conjurer doesn’t know all what the spirit can do?

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No. Why would there be?

If you do a search for some old posts of mine titled “5 days, 5 spirits, 5 Q &A’s” you will see that I asked this of the spirits I called. It’s perfectly fine.

Edit to add: If the spirit responds with anger, and says “how dare you question me!” or “You know who I am and what I can do!” or some such nonsense, then you have an impostor on your hands.


Agreed with the above, and another point is…how else would you know what said spirit can do/how they can help you if you don’t ask?

No. Ask them what powers they have. You may find a “hidden” power, or at least powers that are not written in grimoires. Try it out! :+1:t4: