Still having trouble on evocation

Hi guys, I’m back and I’m still having trouble envoking and getting results so I’m gonna try dealing with another problem I’m having because trying to get my ex back isn’t going as planned and I feel like it’s time to move on. I’m now trying to reconcile with an old friend I had. The friendship didn’t have the best of endings and I want to reconcile now.

I’m planning on using more than one demon which includes Agares, Amon, Forneus, Foras, and Zagan. I’m gonna try to use the first ritual again from Demons of Magick and hope itworks this time. I don’t know if I’m doing anything wrong at all and I would greatly appreciate advice from people who have used the first ritual from Demons of Magick before.


(Forgot to add)

Some of the requests for the Demons I’m gonna use include

(Ex friends name) is thinking warmly of me which is making her try to reconcile our friendship.

(Ex friends name) is compelled with me after recounting good memories between us.

(Ex friends name) is recounting old memories which is making her think warmly of me.

This are just a general idea of what I’m gonna put and still need to think of others for the other demons. Advice on these would also be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

i´m also struggling with evocation, just keep doing everyday, also be sure to not rush things, just start with one request and the build upon that once your first request was granted by the entity/entities

you don’t need three separate rituals. You’re basically asking the same thing, 3 times over. Pick one demon, and leave it at that. They aren’t weak.