Still can't make contact

Hey guys, I’ve been a little busy with all the tests, but… I’m back! I tried just a couple of days ago to make some contact with a spirit. Well, it didn’t work (IMO, I believe it didn’t). I’m getting frustrated… So how the shit do I make contact with spirits? How can I get more easily to the Rapture? Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you.


(always wanted to use that lol)

Work on developing your astral senses:

The Joy of Satan ain’t a good organization (they’re into Nazism etc.) but they’ve got some terrific meditations.

Oh yeah! I forgot to tell. A while ago, I fire scryed with Sastan, and some one told me that I evoked him, without the Circle of Pacts. I heard three buffs saying “AHH”, I then saw how his face materialized in my magickal imagination.
I didn’t say a word to him, and then ended the “evocation”, but I did not dismissed him. So, I think that he got mad at me and blocked my spiritual/astral senses. Is that possible?