Still asking myself if that was hekate goddess of the crossroad

Last Year i was doing some research about goddess hekate, on Facebook i came across a witches covenant page and and invitation post about a meeting somewhere in my area ,16 November 2018 hecate’s day so i marked that on my notebook because i wanted to go meet them for the first time to gain some experience.when the day came i didnt manange to go as something came up, same day at night when i was sleeping at 12:00 i was alone, doors were locked ,a lady with black ropes ,long hair woke me up she was sitting in my bed and she said its you isn’t?..its you isn’t it repeated few times i didnt know what to say to her because i was sleepy at the same time i was asking myself where did she come in and, who is she?and she disappeared. Who would that be?

Any chance you summon Hekate and ask her for yourself? And why does that even bother you in first place? It is not something like it’s groundbreaking revelation.
Spirits are more than listed as their specialities.

It doesn’t bother me ,i just didnt expect the visit because i didnt do any invocation just yet.