Steve Nobel is okay

He makes these videos on YouTube, and they’re very useful. They’re… Like spells, intentions. For transformation in many ways.

I will warn you. He is very, very light based, and I will not condone or condemn his odd, “new age” practices. If you’re confident in your knowledge, he is very useful. If you’re insecure about what you know, perhaps take what he says with a grain of salt.

Let me give you a few good examples of videos of his that I like:

My favorite is the butterfly one.


Out of all of the standard “affirmation” YouTube channels, I favor him the most, considering his wording calls upon powerful magic that can be used for intense work if you know how to direct it.


Channel has self-contained content, posting this to answer ahead of time in case anyone wonders if this is a “review” as in revikewing other spellcasters etc (which isn’t permitted because they can’t defend against an unfair review, and secondly bercause we’d get shilled to fuck). :smiley:


Thanks for posting - I’ll check it out… what sort of language and how do you direct it?

Just watch it.

His channel is always my first stop when I’m after a meditation, I’ve found most of his stuff very useful.