Stephen King Books as Magical Grimoires

Stephan King Books as Magical Grimoires

As you all don’t know, I like to read a lot of books, not just Stephan King, but I’ve read pretty much anything I can get my hands on especially fiction. I tend to like horror fantasy and Sci-fi, but I do read lots of other genres too (although I’m not real big on romance, I’ve certainly read my share.)
Anyway, back before the COVID 19 virus, I picked up a lot of used books, at the town book fair, but also at libraries and yard sales.

Now, as I have been reading some of Stephan King’s books, I have been thinking, what if Stephan King books could be used as Grimoires. Here me out, first of all, he tries to scare you, usually someone has supernatural powers that they then use for “evil” purposes. Then, I keep thinking about the fact he is a best selling author and was in a car accident that almost killed him. Now, if you piss of the demons, they like to send cars after you. The road is like almost the most dangerous place to be. I even skipped reading a book of his cause I thought the very idea was too scary.

On the other hand, I’m sure Stephan King would like to promote the idea that it is just fiction and all made up stuff. On the other hand I’m not really a fan of Stephan King and the ideologies he promotes. I think certain ideas in his books could be used to produce miraculous changes in the world, and I’m starting to wonder if anyone has tried it out.

Also, a few days ago, I was down the basement, and I thought I still saw the book “Pet Cemetery” down there, but it wasn’t. I know these books really scare other people, and some people worry that possessing certain Stephan King books might cause people to come after them. At first I thought it was complete nonsense, I mean the books are best sellers after all. But then certain things happened and I started to wonder about it.


I am sure I have once seen a fragment of the poem Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came mentioned somewehere in Aleister Crowley’s writings (But i am unable to locate where at the moment…)
This poem is what Stephen King based his Dark Tower series on. So there definitely is something there.
Great books, but I passed on the movie. What you are writing here reminds of the Mouth of Madness movie.
I have nothing further :smile:

That’s curious - what happened?

Fictional books are sometimes used by chaos mages to inspire workings. The egregoric entiies in World or Warcraft and Elder Scrolls have been worked with for example, so why not the ideas in Pet Cemetery? There’s a certain power given the ideas when so many people read popular works and they get a life of thier own in the collective unconscious part of the astral.

Any book with a cogent cosmology can be used magically. Chaos magicians have written about using King’s work before. His Castle Rock mythology is probably one of the most comprehensive in modern times, spanning almost his entire body of work, and making it quite easy to use magically.

Other authors that have been used magically include the works of CS Lewis, HP Lovecraft, Ursula Le Guin, and Storm Constantine (Taylor Ellwood produced three grimoires based on the magical system of her novels).

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