Step by step procedure on how to invoke Asmodeus for break up spell and have target come to you

Hi everyone, I’m new to demons but I have done my own Wiccan and Jar spells beforehand. Could someone share with me on a step by step procedure on how can I get Asmodeus’ help in breaking this pair of couple up and possibly bring one of the couple to me?

I know I will need to draw an asmodeus sigil, drop my blood on it and chant his enn with whiskey and mint leaf as offerings. However, I would like to ask if it’s possible for me conduct the ritual at the backyard of my house (outdoor), how many times should I chant his enn and what to look out for?

Before anybody scolds me for that, I do have my own reasons and they are not a compatible couple, be it from personality, numerology or tarot readings wise. Thank you!

There is an almost identical thread active in the forum right now, minus the explicit mention of Asmodeo.

Can’t you just hop in?

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In your opinion, and only yours most likely. :roll_eyes:

As a beginner, try using the forum’s search function. Type in “evocation guide” and click on the third option. It tells you everything you need to know to evoke any demon not just Asmodeus.