Step 1 update, positive results

I’ve been practicing meditation today and last night. It really was eye opening for me. I need to still try grounding methods and other exercises that will help me. After my intense meditation session last night, I was visited by a familiar voice as I slept, recovering from the session.

Of course, messages in dreams can be very vague, but after that relaxing session I could feel my aura shield around me and I could feel some kind of energy envelop me as I slept. I’ll skip the rambling and state what I gathered, I’ll create a space for my personal rituals that will help me develop my energies. Today I plan to design a personal circle that consists of my planetary correspondences and the 5 elements including sulfur, the magick squares of Mars and of Venus on one tablet, 2 pentagrams drawn in the Spirit and Water methods described in the Liber Azerate including the signs of Graphiel and Kedemel to dominate my intelligence and to evoke my inner spirit. These are all as the voice and visions vaguely instructed me. For the border of the circle I am considering using the Universal Circle’s glyphs, but I also consider using some enochian glyphs perhaps instead.

This isn’t me being confused this time, my head is clear and I am motivated. Does anyone else have a personal energy evocation circle or anything of the sorts? I would love to know more.