Steam Evocation

So I’ve seen fapa’s post - [quote=“fapa79, post:3, topic:17635, full:true”]
The steam could act almost as incense, which reminds me of some suggestions, like boiling water (this idea came to myself too). Substances may be added, perhaps according to elements/planets.

And I’ve thought about this - why not evoke a spirit right after or during a super hot bath, when the steam is literally gushing out of every little hole in the bathroom?

Curious what you guys think.


I tried staring into the bath water kind of like a scrying mirror. It worked really well. The water seemed to amplify it all. Also the good scents of the room can somewhat acts as an offering.

Would this work if I was in a steam room in like a gym per chance?

Steam is steam.

Try it. :grin:

You could use aromatherapy herbal oils to scent it. Then it’d be like real incense.