Stealthy Currents

Hey guys, I recently started to do Magick. Im fairly new (I’ve been meditating for a while) and still doing research. and most of the currents im finding require lengthy rituals and elaborate alters with tons of tools. this is hard for me because i live with a very strict Catholic family, i’ve read on here that a magician on here has done alter work in there bathroom toilet and that is a smart idea for keeping there practice secret, but that couldnt be done for me because my family monitors our bathroom time and searches our rooms at random times in the month. i was able to buy and hide a cheap tarot deck but putting it in my underwhere.

Its just hard for me to preform “Proper” Magick, and i was wandering if there are any currents or pathworking that requires low tools and short and quiet rituals to still be effective and enjoyable.

Anything would be appreciated, and thank you



Build an astral temple and do all your rituals in your mind. There are plenty of threads on here for doing so, just do a search. All it requires is focus and visualization which you can do anywhere without anyone being the wiser.


I’ve been working on a Astral Temple, but it takes me a while to drop into an Trance/Meditative state so im not able to do it as offen as i’d like(mostly at night when everybody goes to bed) and that really isn’t a current, i dont know what i would practice.

Why don’t you get a nice notebook, and start doodling and drawing there?

As if you LOVE being artistic… have it all doodled up… and somewhere sneak in the sigils of the entities you want to work with.

Boom, that’s all you need.

Everything else you can do mentally or by whispering.

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In your astral temple you can practice whatever you want. You can evoke any being you can imagine. Elementals, angels, demons, gods. Just pick one that you’re drawn to and go from there. There is no such thing as a “stealthy current,” there are just currents. They all require tools of some sort, but in an astral temple, you can create anything you need.

Work on building your temple before worrying about what current you should swim in. While you are doing that, follow these instructions to do some magick and taste different beings.


Thank you! i’ll do this to get a better understanding of my magick , and the help is appreciated

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ill do that i already love drawing and doing art so that might be a awesome idea.

To be honest when i first started i worked backwards. I was renting a bedroom and had no room and had to hide from my roommates. All I had were candles and sigils. That is it and thus began my practice on the LHP. Dont think much into this and dont allow tools to hold you back. Your mind and learning how to control it is what truly matters. Now I use many tools because it is fun and can add power but at the end of the day your mind is everything.

I suggest getting 1 white candle that they will not find suspicious and make your sigils, then expose of them once you are finished with them until you have your own place.


thank you ill get a white candle we got tons of them lo

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I feel for you, I really do. I have some privacy in my room but getting time to myself can be mission impossible some days. Even though my room is a no go zone for the other person (my mother and owner of the house, also the person I care for as she is physically disabled) I can’t guarantee she won’t go in when I am not there. I slip printouts of sigils in with other drawings or printouts of pages for my uni course, I pull the bottom drawers out of my desk, dresser and bedside cabinet and hide stuff under there. I have taped plastic sleeves they put in binders under the drawers and slipped stuff in there. I am making a small portable altar out of a lap desk and things I can explain as other things.


@anon39410973 There is plenty you can do without any accouterments. In fact, you can do anything.
Being that you’re new, it might be a little tougher to get into the right mental/spiritual state without tools of the trade - BUT - the great thing is, you don’t need those tools.

I suggest you start with meditation. Become familiar with your energy, become aware of your power.
Do you know how to ground yourself? That’s the first thing I teach anyone.

Once you have that, you can do brief sessions for sure. I’ve done communication and astral stuff before heading off to the day job in the morning.

Do you have regular internet access and is it monitored? If you’re free to browse, there are countless resources available for learning the basics. Or hell, hit me up and I can write some things down for you.

As ever,

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Thank you! that would love that help. I already meditate when i can get alone but i cant ground or fell energy. It would be awesome to have help from someone experienced, if you want you can pm me or post here whichever you’ed like.

Thank’s Again


I’ll PM you a method that might work for this as well. :+1:


I can’t PM yet so here goes…

Grounding 101

Grounding is wicked important for any type of magickal/energetic work. It really is the first thing you should learn in order to keep yourself safe and prevent risk of insanity.

There are many, many methods for grounding. I’m going to give you some simple yet effective ones.

As with anything in magick, feel free to modify these to suit your personal style.

Exercise 1.
You can do this anywhere. You can be sitting, standing, lying down, on the toilet…it doesn’t matter.
Pull energy down from the heavens, through your head, and into your chest. Pause. Feel the energy. Push it down through your body, out through your “nether regions” or your legs, down into the earth. See it shoot down past the foundation of your environment if you’re indoors or straight into the dirt if outdoors, through the layers of sediment, through the earth, mingling with the deep roots of trees if applicable, down down down.
Breathe, and feel yourself firmly rooted into the planet.

You are now grounded. When you’ve completed your meditation, spell, etc, simply reverse the energy. You will once again be untethered and free to walk about in your meatsuit.

Exercise 2.
Similar to the above but with more of a creative visualization technique.

Concentrate on your body. Imagine yourself becoming a tree. See and feel your branches spreading wide. Be aware of the ability to observe your surroundings in 360 degrees (this is how a tree “sees”). Feel your strong trunk, your bark, your agelesness. Feel your legs becoming roots. Be aware of how deep they go into the world. You are a very old tree and your roots are deep indeed.

You are now grounded. When you’ve completed your thing, pull the roots back up. Slowly morph from tree back to your human self.

If you can get your hands on pretty much any kind of black stone, that can help. Obsidian, onyx, and so on. Keep it in your pocket or the palm of your hand. I walk around during the day with an Apache Tear in my pocket just to make sure I don’t float off in the middle of a meeting. =)


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Thank you so much. I just tried this and when i got grounded and when it happened i forgot to breath, this is awesome and will really help my work progress.

Thanks Again