Stealing hit music from the future

Hi is it possible to steal number one hits from the future.

Like lets say someone like chris brown makes hit tunes in the future.

I want to to see what it is and pass that off as myself in the present.

If possible how do I do that?

That’s kinda low dude, if you wanna be a artist come up with your own music, not steal someone else’s



For one thing, the future is always in flux so what you receive might or might not actually turn out to be a hit.

Second, you are not Chris Brown, so I seriously doubt that you could pass off one of his songs as your own and make it a hit.

Hit songs are hard to come by, and have a lot more to do with the artist singing than the one who writes it. The same song can be sung by ten different people, but be a hit for only one.


Well look some new songs and look olds omes in you tube. So lets say con calma a daddy yanki song millions of views, sales he ask to snower i tnk a rapper to use his sounds. And he put new letters. A hit from 1991 to 2019.wat u will do as look for spirts of inspiration, music etc. Look its feee if you work. Look. And creare your own vibe.

Yes, but it is the marketing that counts, not the music. You would be copyright striked even if you made the piece first. Damien Riehl and Noah Rubin used algorithms to generate music so artists can be protected from record companies.

Im honestly gonna say this is an intriguing idea. Granted, u seek gain and fame, that’s ur motive, thats fine. My interest is in whether it can be done and how one would approach the problem.

Sure the future is a soup of unmanifest probability, but it becomes a question of
1- does consciousness exist outside of time
2- does the collective unconscious exist outside of time
3- If 1 and 2 were positive, can u retrieve data from the collective unconscious that may pertain to something we have yet to experience? If the human collective unconscious, and consciousness itself be not time bound, somewhere in the unconscious lies the resivior of hits. In other words, what is the future for us is already a done deal within consciousness and the unconscious mind which are removed from time anyways, so the paradoxes of travelling through time wouldn’t apply…

I don’t see why one couldn’t tap it for the impression of a melody, tune, or lyrics from the future…Rather if u do so as a magickian, u take something from what is held outside of time, make it ur own, and become like wealthy or known for what u “stole from the future” , it would wind up that u were in actuality stealing your own work from a different time since ur the one who put it out anyways…

Nothing new under the sun, and so if u recieve impressions as to what will be a hit, jump on it, it will be the hit u were meant to create anyways, so where is the theft then???Also within art, there isn’t a truly original idea, in that all art is inspired by something that already exist to experience…

As to how, I don not know. If such a technique exist by which can retrieve contents from the human collective in such a controlled manner, I would be interested in knowing it…In theory though it seems it should work.

No you can’t steal it. Needless to say, …my friend :wink: tried asking something extremely similar. Entity said, “do you think I will help you with something like that?” A better option that would work, would be asking asking said entity for inspiration. Music isn’t that difficult to make. You can buy beats, buy the lyrics from word smiths and mix and mash.

What do you mean by “Music isn’t that difficult to make”? I personally want to make an ambient music piece that feels like another piece that isn’t license able because the producer went out of business. I have LMMS, but I don’t know where to start after that.

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True the type of music you mentioned is difficult. I was being general for the op.

hit songs are extremely researched and formulated. if you think someone just writes it and it’s popular, that’s just adorable.
it’s an industry, industry works through finding the most efficient way of doing something and then hammering down.


as a fellow musician, id say it would be an odd thing to try. Ive had dreams before of a song i created then i end up recreating it in this world. But it was always my own. The thing is the future is always in constant change. Every second of the present moment affects the future.

The only thing i can think of happening if the future stayed still is if you stole a future chris brown song and made it for yourself, then chris brown creates that same one without knowing about yours, then BOOM copyright issue lol.


True. There is this one woman known for being smart, talented, beautiful and really good at writing hit songs, yet few know who she is. She can make these songs for people like Katy Perry but when she performs her own songs, despite her looks, talent amd knack for hits, it just doesn’t land. You need STAR POWER more than anything else.


The future exists allready so surely there must be a way to get some “Inspiration”… think of all the Prophets who clearly saw the future in images. maybe is possible to get sounds from the future?


True. I mean, this dude can probably do it if he pierces the veil enough, but a) that sounds like high level sbit right there and b) without star power, how can he be sure his hit songs will truly be hits?

He would nees to develop the proper charisma to pull it off.

I’m a musician too,of course not a big one,but i have to tell you that copying never work. Even if you had a ton of future hits in your hand,you wouldn’t make them hits now by yourself because you would fail to perform the songs the way another artist would perform them and make them hits. In music you have to be unique and put your own soul in your songs.
BUT,if you can communicate with spirits and really gain something from them,you could easily ask them to help YOU write a song that YOU can perform well and then it could be something. You can’t be a major artist without finding your own sound and taking it step by step.

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another thing, if you did manage to see through time and effect it (I’ve touched on this previously), the result would be different anyway.
it may be popular because who the fuck ever performs it but if you did it first you’d stay in obscurity like so many other SoundCloud rappers before you.

Ok so I was going to say this when you first posted and decided not to at the time, but that’s not how things work in the music industry it doesn’t matter at all how good your song is it’s about how much money you have to market the song for the most part and who you know basically. Also even if you know the right people that doesn’t mean they won’t turn on you…

I would imagine it would go more like this from what I know about the music industry if you did manage to steal a song before it was written your version would be next to non-existent in an ocean of indie releases.

Until a Goliath record label either bought the rights from you or just in turn flat out stole the song and say it wasn’t ever yours originally whether you did in actuality write it or stole it from the future it wouldn’t matter and if you really did manage to do just that it’s very likely that they would use the claim to spark media publicity then in the end either way you would loose rights to the song, because you would be labeled a self proclaimed theif and a mad man by the public and viewed either as having made false claims that you owned it based off the fact that no one would believe claims of time travel or even if you could prove that you used time travel that would just factually prove you stole it at the same time

Besides the song would be in someone else’s style or if not it would be changed and your version would just be considered a knock off by the general public if you did make claims otherwise, because they have more money and you could never win a legal battle against the industry regardless making the song no longer your hit single… Only thus creating a time paradox were the song itself would still be questioned as to how it truly came to be, but regardless it legally wouldn’t be yours even if it was. Basically creating a “that’s so Raven moment”…

Hope that makes sense…

Bare with me here I’m about to blow your mind… :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:


Me:stealing music not a bad idea …
Spirit guides:Go to bed
But yeah I prefer to write my own music and trust me,the experience is like using your energy as the ink to write your song,especially I tend easily forget a flow I was working on becuz of fucking ADHD and I just start another new song,good thing is when I start I can never stop until I run out of ideas which is rare for me though.
“Music is divinely given to make humans stronger” that was itching in back of mind

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Marty McFly tried this in ‘Back to the Future’ where he freaked everyone out with his guitar playing. The crowd were left stunned and unimpressed and all he could say was “I guess you guy’s aren’t ready for that yet but your kids are gonna love it” Lol.

In that parallel universe, you could say that Chuck Berry and Jimmy Hendrix stole those guitar licks
from Marty McFly.

Almost all music is taken by inspiration from what’s been in the past or inspired by current events. Watch out for lots of shit music coming soon and hopefully some good stuff from our new current events.
And like Marty, almost all blues and rock guitar players can trace their line of inspiration back to Robert Johnson who it is said to have sold his soul to the devil at the crossroads to be able to master his instrument.
Here’s a nice bit of blues folklore:

Damn right Marty (and @fizz) have got the blues.