Statues of Lucifer and Archangel Michael together - any possible issues?

I do not at all intend to evoke them at the same time. Possible risk. It would be one first, and the other at another given time. But as far as the statues alone, after cleansing them, then placing them side by side, would there be issues or problems that may arise? This would of course be until I set up an altar that I will seperate them apart.

I also came to find out Lucifer and Michael are not necessarily enemies but more of an energy clash. True? Correct me if anything in my post seems off.


Some here have evoked them together with no problems so I think having their statues together should be fine.


have you actually worked with them at the same time? is this where you got the idea that their energies clash?

I have worked with them together sometimes, their energies didnt clash at all, they actually worked harmoniously from what I can remember (i cannot be 100 percent sure on their energies)

but i do remember they worked together fine, anyway, try it yourself as its your experience


Awesome and that’s pretty surprising. Thanks

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I second this. :+1:


I once did exactly that. Lucifer as an entity is rather powerful and I remember when I evoked him and Michael for Servitor creation. It was not an issue and the experiment was successful.


@StrengthenedWarrior Well I haven’t yet actually. I try my best to make sure I don’t make the worse of worse mistakes and not make them clash or “fight” if I were to evoke them together. If that were to happen it would be my wrongdoing in evoking at the same time and messing up my relationships with them. I needed to have a brief answer on that as I progress but I just had to clear that possibility ouy of the way ASAP.

Awesome. My interest at the moment is simply a statue of Michael and Lord Lucifer until I organize seperate altars. I hope a statue of King Belial becomes available. Cant’t seem to find one except Belial’s oil but thats it.

Servitor creation ? As in - they ceate wards for you? Warding may be the only little difficulty I’m having but I’ll do my best.

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Servitors are artificial entities that can be created for a particular purpose which can last from a day to eternity depending on the circumstances.


There’s nothing wrong between Lucifer and Michael, so having both statues is fine. Also, summoning at the same time is fine.


On my part it’s more of a concern before I dwell into it and evoke Angelic and Demonic (if I ever do) at the same time. It’s been mentiond a few times here Archangel Gabriel had a fight or scuffle with Belial, lol. That’s one instance and so I’d like to prevent that.

But many here have clarfified it would be alright based on their experience. Thank you all

Michael and Lucifer are very close, so there shouldn’t be any issues.


Well, Cas might show up and call you an assbutt.

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Yes, if your clairsentience is developed you might find a great similarity in their energy.