Static hail?

I’ve heard the term static rain but experienced something quite interesting yesterday.

I was at work typing away and to my left I saw what I would describe as static hail. Each piece perfect in size and it looked somewhat like a beaded curtain with the beads being clear and large. It also moved like a wave struck it. I was in no way in any sort of altered state so I have no clue what this could be?



A glitch in the matrix?

I’ve seen some odd stuff too. Like the cat in the matrix that walks by twice. That stuff happened to me several times the other day.

I kept thinking didnt that JUST happen?!
:slight_smile: :thinking:


That’s funny you say that because my brother kept talking about that and I dismissed it until I saw it with my eyes. It actually reminded me of the movie the matrix when I saw it lol. I’m like wtf, I KNOW I saw hail beads!

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I feel like something is going to fundamentally change soon, and it kinda freaks me out. I’d keep an eye out for strange astrological activity tbh. There is a blood moon on the 31st and those are often seen as omens for this kind of thing…


In a dark room you can see this static better. If it’s the same static I’m thinking of.

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