Starting this path

So I just have questions about this path;
When you started this path did things happen at the beginning or way later? For example evoking a demon but they weren’t showing any signs or showing up in dreams (this is my progress haha nothing happening…)? Or simply magick didn’t work no matter what you did?
And if it’s okay can you explain how did you become better at this and what did you learn while learning?

I am asking because I am very curious:)

have a lovely day^^


One word, Practice.

I found that the day I stopped dabbling, poking at magick with a stick, and really began to give it my all things started happening.

Practice makes perfect. To quote one of my favorite actors, “Shit don’t just happen. Shit takes time, shit takes planning, shit takes effort.”


thank you for answering:D i very much agree with the quote too ^=^

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Most welcome. A lot of beginners don’t realize that these things don’t just happen overnight. It’s not a switch you can flip. It’s a muscle you build. Everyone can do it, but how well you do it depends on how often you use it.


practice and embracing this path if you have dreams flash dreams means contact was made but once you start dive in dont just dip your toe in lol keep trying to give up


thank you both of you for answers:’)

If you’ve ever learnt a musical instrument, becoming proficient in Magick is like that. As Mercury opined - it’s practice.