Starting the path - habits that help

Summary: ¿what habits do you recommend to improve progress in magick?, ¿which ones are those that hinders magickal potential?

-Long version-
Hello everyone!!, i am going to turn 25 this year and i want to use this special age to quit all wich is damaging me or hindering my progress in the occult. I am going to start with E.A soul travel guide (because my perception is very lacking in this moment) and later into spells/evocation.

If anyone could give me some tips to get started i would be very gratefull.

Thanks for reading!

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Let me give some words that can help you on this path of occult:

  1. Keep in mind that all things are possible to them that believe them, and are willing to receive them; but to the incredulous and unwilling, all things are impossible: there is no greater hinderance than a wavering mind, levity, unconstancy, foolish babbling, etc

  2. Whatsoever you have learned, frequently repeat, and fix the same in your mind: and learn much, but not many things, because a human understanding cannot be alike capable in all things, unless it be such a one that is divinely regenerated; unto him nothing is so difficult or manifold, which he may not be able equally to attain to.

  3. Listen to the advice from others and take time to consider, contemplate and mediate before deciding which path to take.

  4. Know how to suffer, how to be silent, how to abstain, and how to die.

  5. Know yourself, know your work, learn from the past and apply knowledge with wisdom.

  6. Learn to achieve balance: keep your words and thoughts in good order.

  7. Though not all men are called, many of the called are chosen, and that’s as soon as they become fit for entrance.

  8. Any man can look for entrance and any man who is within can teach another to seek for it; but only he who is fit can arrive within.

  9. Worship and neglect not, the physical body which is your temporary connection with the outer and material world.

  10. Fixed thought is a means to an end. Therefore pay attention to the power of silent thought and meditation.

  11. Immortality is in your hands; do not forsake yourself to waves of commonality.

  12. Do not hold yourself back because you fear that which you may become if you call the world into alignment with your true nature; fulfil your duties and obligations. Know that you are a king living amongst beggars.

  13. So shall you gradually develop the powers of your soul, and fit yourself to walk THE PATH.

Bless be.