Starting Out: Am I Doing It Right?

Hi, So just recently I joined this forum, and I looked at some posts in the Vampirism section. This type of thing peaked my interest, so I decided to give it a shot. It was late at night while reading, so I thought I would try the next day at work.

I woke up in the morning and had forgot about it at first. I got to worked and remembered everything and gave it a shot. I work at a movie theater, and that day I was ripping tickets for the customers coming through. As I was working, I would visualize a blue line of light coming from the core of the individual and going into my left hand and up through my arm.

I believe that, as I was doing this, I felt the flow of energy coursing through me. Throughout the entire shift, I felt energetic but at the same time calm and relaxed. I also noticed that my co-worker, whom I also siphoned from, seemed to be very stressed as the day went on, saying that if he didn’t get his cigarette break he was going to flip out.

Was this actually the result of me consuming his energy? Or is it all in my head? I swear that I felt the energies of the people in the theater, as well as varying feelings from different people. Also, is there a better way for me to be doing this? That was my first time feeding, and it felt really good, but not as potent as I would expect.

Thanks - Foolrotation

keep going - the more practice you get, the less doubt you’ll have & the better you’ll get.

You are doing fine… Just be aware of the potential risks and side-effects of consuming unfiltered energy (there are filtration techniques you can learn or develop yourself).

Also, I would recommend against doing this every day: one of the risks of vampirism comes from consuming raw energy too often, and from too many different sources. Without filtration or cleansing techniques, the mix of incompatible energies can actually damage you. At the same time, your body can gradually stop producing power of its own and you can become dependent on energy you get from other people. There are these horror stories about vampires’ organs starting to fail for no legitimate reason. Feeding from others then becomes the only way to survive (but also makes the underlying problem worse).