Starting off with scrying mirror....assistance

Okay, so I’m going to start working with a scrying mirror. Never having worked with a scrying mirror before, what are some tips and tricks that I should be aware of? Also, I think I have managed to get to the Gamma/Theta sync in my meditation yet at what point in my meditation do I start incorporating the scrying mirror? For example, should I set up my mirror and begin looking INTO the mirror initially or should I first start off meditating and reach the Gamma/Theta sync first, then open my eyes and begin gazing into the mirror?
I will say that when I start out my meditation, that its easier for me to get to the Gamma/Theta state when my eyes are closed (less distraction, not focusing on anything exterior, etc…) though I don’t know whether this is the ‘proper method’. I was reading in EA’s ebook about scrying and it gives a decent overview though for a newbie as myself, I’m not sure as to some of the details.

I’m also a newb Waltyrs, However Scrying seems to be pretty easy (at least getting visual results) However I have not been able to divine anything. I start off using the mirror. Sit in a corner and have the mirror so your looking into the top corner of your wall (where two walls meet the ceiling and make a point) that way your certain your not seeing any reflections in the room or of yourself. I also like to do it at night with just a lamp on in the opposite corner of the room or maybe a few candles. Then I just relax and gaze into it, if I need to blink I do but I open my eyes slowly after blinking, Also I noticed when I try to look through the mirror instead of staring at it, it works better.

You will probably start to see some cloudy mist or colors bursting and then fading and for me it happens in waves with Violet being the most prominent and some green and dark sparkles in the middle of the cloud and colors.

There is a shit load of scrying threads here on the forum that I found useful look in the divination section if you dont get any other quick reply’s.

Got it. I’ll start working on that then. Also, when you start out with the scrying mirror, do you have a set question or questions in mind or do you just kinda let it ‘reveal’ whatever it is that it reveals. Does it ‘work’ the same way as tarot readings? I just don’t want to have something in mind and try to force it, ya know. Also, as far as material composition of mirror’s, do you (or anyone) have any recommendations as to what type I should use? Mirrored glass, Obsidian, etc…does it matter? Do you get better or different results from using natural materials as opposed to manufactured ones?

First question, No I dont have any set questions, I could be wrong but I figured if I’m just learning that I wanted to get into the theta gamma sync and learn to relax, however I do ask to open my astral sight, once I get better I will start trying to use it for divining/revealing past, present & future questions or specific outcomes to situations.

About making mirrors. When I was looking online for them they were just too damn expensive a 12 inch round mirror was almost $ 50 - $100, There was no way I was paying that. Plus I wanted a big mirror. If you live near a goodwill, salvation army, or T-J Maxx you can find a big ass picture frame, mine is about 18 inches by 24 inches. I got two cans of matte black spray paint and took the glass out, use Windex and get both sides clean of smudges and any debris. slowly go from left to right or right to left and work your way down ( be outside lol) then let it dry and go over it again. It took me about 5 coats it will look done in two but if your outside in the day time and hold it up to the sky you can see that there are some spots not completely black. once you have it done put it back in the frame, Make sure you put the painted side on the inside of the frame, so that the side of the glass not painted is pointing out towards you. Go to youtube and look at videos for making scrying mirrors.

As far as natural materials I would assume they would be the same, its you the operator not the makeup of the mirror, however if your mind believes there going to work better then they will. Using different materials in the paint or on the glass could make it not as smooth and solid in color so maybe that would be a distraction. However I am going to get some door open water from Dante to sprinkle on mine ( If I can get a hold of him).

Like I said I’m very new and if any more advanced members disagree with anything I have said to you please listen to them, but for something as simple as this I dont see the need for anything else but a solid black glass frame and a quiet dim lit place to practice. Also the more I meditate and scry the better the results, so make sure you do both or one or the other every day. I didn’t remember any of my dreams till I started doing this a couple months ago and now they are as vivid and beautiful as they have ever been and I remember a ton of them. Hope this helps.