Starting a thing (It's gains-o'-clock)

I’m getting in shape.

I want to do 50 push-ups and 150 sit-ups every morning in single sets as a goal (50 push-ups without stopping, 150 sit-ups without stopping).

The goal is to build my body into a tool for my will. It also ties in with how my astral temple’s duality has been broken (it’s simultaneously within and without myself), because as I start improving my body, my temple will develop as well.

Not just that, but this should help me with my energywork because of certain things that are either obvious or not.

Also, if I git gud with the physical aspects of my body, the nonphysical aspects will git gud alongside them.


Get it! A recommendation is if you use music, use the same artist all the time. It will be a subconscious cue that it is time to get to work.


I mainly listen to metal, so the artist doesn’t really matter quite so much…

I also have a weird mind where I can easily do my routines once I set myself into them. Every day, first thing after I wake up, get awake, and take a piss/shit will be/is to do some stretching, followed by my morning workouts (push-ups and sit-ups). I may just switch to a modified burpee since I have the space for it.


Well if you have no issues following through, you are better than me. Im a death metal kinda guy but when I work out, it is classic rock. I don’t know why but the formula has been working for four months so I’m not messing with it.

Great success on your self-improvement!


Power metal all the way bro.
Well, either power or symphonic.

Regardless, thanks for your support. I also have been toying with an energywork thing that can help with building muscle… (it’s like using energywork to cause your muscles to clench and cause the microtears that causes muscles to grow)


Doing something similar. I want to be able to do 100 continuous 24kg kettlebell swings and 50 squats with 20 and 24 kg kettlebells as well as lose 15 kg before july 2nd. Currently at 70 with 16 kg kettlebell and 20 kettlebell squats.



I’m going more for endurance and speed instead of bulk and brawn. I want to have a parkour-runner’s physique.


I just tried an impromptu energy work today towards my solar plexus so let me know how that goes. Also, there is something called Muscle Mind, I believe or some variation. Created by Ahnold and when you work a certain muscle or muscles, you focus intently on them and flex/squeeze while doing the movement. It definitely makes the workouts harder but you get more out of it.

Anyway you have my best, fellow fitness bro. May your gains be plentiful and your pains sparse.

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The energywork thing I was talking about is odd…

The version I use is elemental-energy based compared to the original form I was taught.

Basically, you build a bunch of earth energy, surround yourself with it, then force it into your body, then immediately after surround yourself with fire or air energy and then force the fire/air to basically explosively react to the earth energy, all the while keeping this all contained inside yourself. Doing the process once doesn’t do much, but it stacks really easily.


Pretty much same goals. The problem I currently have is endurance and not strength. This should strengthen my core quite a bit though. Swings are perfect tool for martial artists and I need to get back in fighting shape. Also started training with a battle axe again for fun


Body alchemy…I like it.

Eh, the original version (that I had more issues with) used yin and yang energy (as the guy who taught me described it). One energy is purely material in focus, the other is purely immaterial in focus (hence why I use earth and fire/air). He also did a step where he built his own energy in the middle, but I found that it wasn’t necessary for muscles.

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Well if your experiments glean some results, it would be cool to hear about it.

They are more going to be used in conjunction with normal physical work-outs, but it will be nice to see how they help me.



Good evening. Do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior Sepultura?

I prefer things like Rhapsody, Symphony X, Dio, Edguy, Avantasia, Evertale, ect…

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Advice would be to step up the weight not the reps. Stepping up the reps builds your endurance at lifting the same weight, stepping up the weight means your body has to build muscle to do the same reps. 70 is quite a few reps. Try stepping your weight to 18kg and see how many you can do, if you can still do 70 then next time step up to 20kg. Think of it like this, you can lift 1kg all day long, how long can you lift 10kg for?

I don’t actually own a 18 kg kettlebell. I can do 40 with a 20 kg kettlebell and 30 with the 24 kg one though. I’m actively trying to limit the muscle gain as I already have quite a lot, their just covered with somewhere around 20-30 kg of extra fat. Actually I would prefer to have less muscles, but fat loss requires them. My kettlebell workout routine currently goes: 50 swings 16 kg, 40 swings 20 kg, 30 swings 24 kg, 15 squats with both 20 and 24 kg kettlebells. Repeat 3-4 times. 1-5 minutes rest between sets.

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I wholeheartedly approve of this thread.


Is this the only exercise you do? What’s your cardio routine. Has your lean muscle mass vs body fat ratio changed? I can stay the same weight but body fat percentage will drop. Also bear in mind that if visible abs are your goal your body fat needs to drop to below 10% for visible muscles in the abdominal area as an average amount.