Starting a magik group,risks?

Hi,guys,i been in the ocult,4 11 yrs,from wica,vodo,gnstik.etc,im in lhp,now,my qestion can/ could,b a problem,if i put a id,in meetups,etc,to star a magik group,? Any experiwnces,yes it be of satan,white magik,etc,but is any risks,? Jelousy from oter magik grohps,my life? Etc,it be anytng to progess,financial,mental,etc,

Biggest problem is that 99% of human beings are slackers - they like the IDEA of being part of something, but put a date down and they’ll have childcare problems, it’s their brother’s birthday, they wanted to watch the match that afternoon, whatever - they’ll be along “next time” though!

Yeah, right! :wink:

People are lazy and full of excuses for why they don’t have to show up THIS TIME - they like to think there’s a rotating calendar of events that everyone ELSE is going to work to keep active, so therefore, there’s no pressure for them personally to actually commit - this inability to grasp the importance of things in life that are “Important / Not Urgent” (here’s an explanation) is the blight of the average human life, that we’ll only do something with a boot up our arses.

That’s been my experience, and yes both ways (overcoming my own resistance is still a work in progress) and yes, I may sound unduly cynical, but finding people who have the willingness to show up, even if it’s raining, even if the finals of whatever sport they love is being shown on TV, THAT’S the hard part in my experience.

As with working solo, the greatest enemy most of us face is our own weaknesses, believing our own lies and so on, so wars between other “groups” are far less likely to be a problem.

Good luck!

Agreed with Eva

You’d be far better off making a club of sort where you guys can compare notes and experiences for a particular working or grimoire as opposed to a working order. Make assignments for the group to do, give them the month to do them and then at the end of the month get together or email or Skype or something and discuss results, experiences and what not. That way everyone can work on their own schedule.

People have to put other things first, it’s the reality of life. I’d love to put magick first in my life but it’s not that simple. I’ve been able to slowly integrate it more and more but ai know I’ve a lot farther to go.

Yep,i knw tat,guys,i work 60 hrs a week,im dead by 7 pm.but do a spel/ ritual at tat mood,suks 2 everyone can be a practioer,but a few hardcores,i do my at midnght mostly,i wish 2 b a ful time magician,tanks 4 advice,

Cant disagree with above posts BUT again I don’t speak for anyone but me my reasons were reasons due to money worries but now thats been removed I can focus more of my attention to my growth I use the days I’m off and read the e books I bought and work on my magic and it seems I feel like a sponge just want to absorb all that I can I love it!