Starting a coven

Hello everyone,

I’m looking for advice on how to start a Satanic coven. I am wanting to start a coven of 12 people and I am looking for resources on the correct way to start one. If anyone has any advice, please let me know.

Mode note: recruiting for orders/groups/covens on BALG is against the rules.

If you try the search this question has been asked before however, and you should find something to read while you’re waiting.


Well, ethically speaking you’d want a solid system of magick that can be utilized individually and in a group… things that will truly empower people and your coven

You should have a ceremonial space that isn’t available to the public and this space should be clean and immaculate hygiene wise both energetically and physically

Tools would be nice too like censer, candles, a lot of covens have thrones, staffs, swords, robes etc.

Recruiting members is simple if you ask me… I’m sure you can summon some spirits to help you find people, you can approach people you get the vibe from, do public ceremonies for like breathwork or smth, that’s obviously not the best way to do it but I’m just giving an example, ive had people randomly approach me on the street and try to recruit me lol it’s really not hard just don’t come off as creepy, covens tend to get a bad rep especially satanic ones, I’d say just find a way to target the crowd you’re looking for,

It really depends on what you’re asking if it’s the base foundation of the coven you just need a list of recruitments to execute them, if you’re asking for more decorative or creative suggestions for the coven, like I said, the system should work and shouldn’t be too complicated especially for outsiders that may be less advanced, there should be appropriate ranks or degrees that hold a different level of light or knowledge

That part is really up to you