Started new books and study

Good morning,

I started reading the work of S. Connolly and I found out that she publishes free e-books to and has much more info on her site.

Just wanted to share, enjoy:

Take care.


She. S. Connolly is a woman.

I just bought her Book of Agares. Her stuff is good, though I do not worship demons as she does. Her techniques are interesting and can be adapted.

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Hehe, it’s stil early here. Changed it :wink:

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It’s all good, my friend. Spelling errors and thick fingers are a plague for us all :slight_smile:

What book did you get of hers?

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The Complete Book of Demonolatry.

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Nice. I’ve got a few of her Kindle chapbooks.

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The kindle apps are very good. You can read your e-books on every device

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Yeah, they come in handy when you can’t haul around a backpack full of books all the time.

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There’s a web-group. Can’t think of the name of it. Nothing like this group though. I was in that web-group quite some time ago. They have their own self-constructed problems, like their peculiar definition of ‘evocation’ and no doubt others. Rather than cope their shit or disturb their peace I left them to themselves.