Start a church...?

My latest assaults of religious persecution have been really brutal, [nearly life threatening for my wife]
but has me thinking. My wife has often told me to start a church, but back when i would just teach as a RHPer, the “guru factor” would always kick in and i just ain’t into that. But; as what appear to be the only Demoniphile in Clarksville Tennessee-- or maybe Tennessee as a whole, when the neighbors begin their tricky little onsloughts- it is just me vs the ever growing ‘Godly folk’…[who never go to church btw and could not recognise a bible if it were shoved up the right wing assholes so they could read the title] is just too intense. my daughter has sent me some hate crimes links as she thinks we have a good case. my wife, who is happy to wake up alive- is always the first to fold under the least winds of opposition— she is best described a a shrinking violet under a turtle shell in the dark— she has legit reasons, but when i need someone to say “keep that flag up!!” she is the one who says
'I wish you would burn the damn thing so they will leave us alone" or her latest “i say burn it and blame it call the police and blame it on so and so”… like that will help.
but i am wondering if maybe I could just somehow have my property state recognised as a church and start a “Demoniphile” church…[ I already have one “disciple” and no doubt he could get me a few more i bet. But then maybe the bullshit assaults by the neighbors would be less potent.
main assault tactic… call the cops, make a pis ant complaint— like “he was walking down the street and I felt uncomfortable”. or if I am gardening in the back yard, burning a 2 foot pile of leaves ‘Call the fire dept’ and even though I am fine by their rules, somehow talk them into ordering me to put it out.
she has called the animal control and cops on me 25 times in one year-- even if my dog does not get out ! like a chinese water torture, death by 1000 little cuts. If it were just me things would be massivley different, but the wife is so damn mentally and physically delicate, just the cops on our doorstep is enough to make her physically ill-er.
I have joined the Satanic Temple- as my daughter says they are great for backing up the oppressed- maybe even open a branch here— but i have never looked outside the box enough to know just how to do things right enough that when the shitstorm begins again- [and it will— finding out the cops basically quits making written reports on all their calls to my house- so when the chief of police checked it out after my daughter called him— there was nothing to see— nothing happened!
But, not to sound to wierd, i am Infantry- 11b to the bone marrow- Backing down like my wife would have me do, is soooooo abominable to my nature. And for some reason, my appeals to the Demon world seem to be going unheard.
Being my wifes caregiver keeps me tapped so much physically— and mentally and emotionally I have almost only hollow words when I do anything ritual wise.

Any wisdom and counsel would be sooo appreciated. Even wondering if I could harness; obviously stronger practitioners to maybe do a mass working on a prescribed night. Just thinking.

Anyone here living in Tennessee ? hit me up!

Sorry for the kinda rambling.


Just remember that whatever direction you take, there is such a thing called the American Civil Liberties Union and a Constitutional Amendment which states that you have the right to practice your faith/religion without persecution. According to the ACLU

Religious liberty requires that the government permit a wide range of religious exercise and expression for people of all faiths, in public and in private. Government officials may not impede such religious exercise unless it would threaten the rights, welfare, and well-being of others or violate the core constitutional ban on governmental promotion of religion.

So, in other words, as long as you do not harm, threaten or impede on others from their own practices, you are allowed to practice your faith unscathed. Otherwise, when others impede your rights to practice through the same means against you, contact the ACLU and the Police. You have the rights the same as any other.

May the Lightbringer guide your Path.


Ahh, Bell Witch country.

I have been here nearly 4 years and am just afew miles away- and still haven’t gone. I want to be able to get the witches permission to remove some rocks and or soil to place on the properties of the people vexing me and hopefully opening portals where the spirits can ingres and egress and just party hearty on them. my enemies should at least be thankful I am kinda lazy when I wish to howitzer the shit outta them.

Ok, don’t know if the place U R living right now is your birth place/town or the place U grew up. If it is then I would suggest you to work with Tripura Sundari/ Lalita.

You must have heard that some one never Goes far in life if he lives in his birth place, nobody will support his endeavor there. something like this , this conditioning is given by Dhumavati ( A cosmic principle ) and the anti dote of this is Sri- Vidya ( Tripura Sundari/ Lalita. )

If That’s not your place U R living right now is your birth place/town or the place U grew up then U can work with Baglamukhi, One who stops gossip and holds the tongue of the enemy.

Don’t start any big mantra chanting as those need few hours of pre-chanting rituals and post chanting rituals to give any concrete result. Start with simple workings with them If you want.