Stars, Our Perception


Looking at the night time sky and feeling the pull. These 3,5,6, 12, etc star clusters pull to you. Seeing a geometric correspondence or maybe it’s just the fire burning color that pulls you into it. Looking for an answer or a confirmation there’s something similar in thought or sight that corresponds to something written to calm this need. But you know, You have just the slightest idea that maybe more is there. Perhaps you have embarked on something new, something new just for you. What is it? A gateway, an insight? It’s there in the stars before you, it calls, it screams and you know in this moment it… whatever it is is there for you right now. It wants you to move, change, correspond, evolve, communicate, grow.

Have any of you had any experience similar to this? Is it simply the night time sky or is it more? Is there an infinite abundance of possibilities in the stars comparable to the sounds of our vocal chords that can reflect ourselves and change, and even travel within this universe or physical existence on this plane? Perhaps corresponding with that of those of others on different or simply even this very same plane?

The stars…


Yes, Apocolypticor, indeed! Something almost overwhelming about the night sky, isn’t there? I remember in the reading of one of my fave authors he said, “…As I stared into the vast blackness at the millions & millions of stars, it came to me that our bodies are like that - our own bodies are made of stars…” Whether that’s true is irrelevant. It speaks to the hypnotic influence of that vast canopy overhead, that sets the mind to reaching out & dreaming even bigger than before. You fellow night sky lover, :wink: Z