Staring at random things

I’ve tripped on shrooms before. Amazing stuff.

But I’m staring to realize that if I can stare at something so long, so unblinkingly, and so intensely that I start to tear up, I can basically get to the level of “trip-like” visuals.

Like I seriously just saw a gnome and a centaur. Clear as day. Like they were there. I know it was just a bush that my brain was playing with cuz it was bored, and if I had moved my eyes or looked closer they would have vanished. But I see a centaur, 4K ultra HD level clear. With a slight animation and everything. As well as a whole slew of other fantastical and whimsical things. So long as my eyes didn’t move.

This may become legitimately fun.

Is there a way to avoid tearing up from staring? (I mean staring without blinking or scanning.)

Or is resistance to your eyes tearing up from staring just a training/habit thing?

This is how I open sigils.