Standard demonolatry rites

Hi all!

I read in a article about STANDARD DEMONOLATRY RITES not sure where I found it. But my question is I have around my circle Belial, Azazel, abaddon and Amaymon. In the article it uses Lucifer, beliel, Leviathon and Flereous. So do I change the names to the one’s I have or to these in the article?



Here’s the part of the article:

To Invoke Earth: “Lirach Tasa Vefa Wehlic, Belial.”

 To Invoke Air: “Renich Tasa Uberaca Biasa Icar, Lucifer.”

 To Invoke Fire: “Ganic Tasa fubin, Flereous.”

 To Invoke Water: “Jedan Tasa hoet naca, Leviathan.”

 For Satan - Tasa reme laris Satan - Ave Satanis

E.A. uses the former for his Hellfire rite in the BoA (and, if I recall correctly, his version of the LBRP). The latter are used in place of the four Archangels/quarters in Demonolatry. Unless you’re a demonolater I don’t see much point in tailoring your circle in this manner. The enns are huge boons in demonic workings (in my experience), but you can use any entity for the four quarters and still summon demons successfully.

Personally? I’d stick with the entities I work with the most/feel closest to. Hell, you could replace any of those spirits with other earth/water/fire/air demons. Pretty sure Connolly has those listed in her version of the Goetia.

In demonolatry, you can use which ever demons for the quarters you want. I myself with with 3 kings in each quarter, which I’ve found to be the best method in my experience. It creates s much stronger circle and the authority from the superiors give added boost to the summoning.

Each tradition or practice has their own four, use the set you feel closest to.

Daemonalatry usually uses an elementally balanced set so you may want to check your correspondences and stick to that basic set up until your comfortable and then experiment.

What TWF says is also true. The basic demonolatry circle is for balance. It keeps the demonic energy from causing such a large and uncontrollable shift in your energy. Once you use that for a few years and get use to the demonic energy, then you can look into the stronger and much more intense circles (like pyramid rites).

True, from there you can begin pillar rites and gate opening as well.