Stabilizing a New Personality

Recently I went through a large group awareness training. My experiences there facilitated some major shifts in my self image, personality, perspectives, a dissolution of limitations, and a strong sense of connection to my own core values. My experience of life since then is much closer to the vision I have held of who I want to be and how I have wanted to live.

I find this new life that I have stepped into bewildering and exhilarating at the same time. Kind of like the first experiences of ‘Woah, Holy Shit… I just did that!’ when shaping reality with magic takes on an undeniable in your face confrontation with ‘I can really have life be the way I’ve always wanted it.’

I’d appreciate comments or observations from you guys who have experienced drastic rapid improvements in your self identities, how you maintained and built on them, what to look out for, how to stay grounded in the midst of ascension, etc.

EDIT: Most of the work I’ve done until now has been gradual, but since connecting with the BALG current things seems to be accelerating. Hence the question.