St. Expedite working

Hi guys,

I was just wondering. I want to work with ST. Expedite, however I have absolutely no way of making an altar or anything similar to that, due to my living conditions.

Is there any alternative to do this without an altar and still making it work?

P.S. I am a newbie so any help is more than appreciated.

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Have you checked out Baal Kadmon’s work on St. Expedite? I have no experience on working with saints myself but I have heard good things about his book on the subject


Thnx so much for replying, I will do that immediately. Xx

No problem at all. He does have a preview on the book on his YouTube channel, as he does for each of his booke. Just search “baal kadmon St Expedite” good luck

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Thank you.

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As mentioned above, the Baal Kadmon book on Saint Expedite really is cool. Just seconding the recommendation.

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I may just have to buy the book myself from all the recommendations I have heard on it lol

he has a standard image. get it from the internet. Try to hold it on ur mind’s eye, via visualization. won’t be east at first. after few days/weeks of practice U can visualize him clearly and then start offering him different things via imagination. BETTER THAN ANY ALTAR