Can someone please explain how to use the magickal squares to me like the ones in the companion workbook that has letters, or the squares that have numbers? Is there a different method for both? How does one actually use the squares with the respected letters or numbers therein

You open them the same way you would a spirit sigil. The only difference mainly is that, instead of a singular being, the squares open up to legions of spirits.

When you say companion workbook, are you talking about that from the evocation course? Just want to make sure we’re talking about the same type of squares.


The squares which are in the mastering evocation workbook. Which some of the workbook sounds like evoking eternity


Then, my above information stands. Open them like any other spirit sigil. I have used the money square and the Anakim square.


Thank you. I have more use for the money square right now. As i have several other works in place at the moment

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With the money square, it is recommended that you call out the names of the spirits as the square starts to open. Like, “I call thee Seqor to bring me X amount of money. I call thee, Roqes, to bring me X amount of money,” and so on, in the order that they flash.

If you have any issues, just do a search on the forum for “money square.” There are many threads about it and they will have some helpful troubleshooting tips.

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