Square for the Goetia

Hey ea I was wondering is there is a square for the Goetia like the Enochian one you introduced a while ago?

No, the Lesser Key of Solomon does not have magic squares.

Could I summon them all at once though or is that too dangerous?

All 72 spirits?

Sure, if you are a skilled and powerful magician. If you’re not, then you wouldn’t be able to control them all.

Summoning more than one spirit at a time takes a lot of power and a strong will, because you are the only force holding the spirits in the physical.

You might want to pick up EA’s book Evoking Eternity, and read on what it takes to evoke multiple spirits at the same time.


In your opinion would that offend them though? (I’m not implying that I’ll do it)

No. They would not be offended.