Spying on Somebody

Is there a specific method that I can use to psychically spy on someone?

My question is what about other 252366358883 things which you asked about on this forum…which includes…working with ancestors… Mastering tarot etc etc…

You should be doing one thing at a time… Seriously

Scrying,Astral Projecting to them,Asking a Spirit,Performing tarot readings on their behalf without their knowledge…

There’s tons of ways of acquiring knowledge on someone else.And directly peeping on them,is fairly easy once you learn to Soul Travel.

Oh and @adhi69 no he shouldn’t.:wink: He should do an insane amount of stuff at the same time,and learn to master it all.

If I named all the kinds of magic I practice,I would easily fill up five rows.

Adhi69- I do need to focus on one thing. Sometimes i get excited about the possibilities and go overboard.

Perhaps you could work on astral projection, with it many occult doorways are opened.