Spy Next Door

Is Spying on others by Astral Projection in real time a Real Thing


If you wish to further any research or study on this particular topic, check out the Monroe Institute online. Robert Monroe’s works are also available. Much has been done for this topic and many resources are available online. There is even an entire field based on sound manipulation and input using headphones to achieve the unconscious state through Hemi-Sync.

Interesting field.


Then why do Govt. Send spies to dangerous places like Iraq and put their lives in Danger

I reckon one reason is that you can see something that’s not real and believe it is, so could lead to misinformation. Cause we generally experience what we believe, and that would be even more true when you’re out-of-body.

I also imagine they do less of that than we think, (sending physical bodies) but some of us struggle to astral travel so I mean. Not every government employ will have the natural born ability. I imagine there is a quieter sect that has abilities for more … dangerous jobs, but that the majority are just like us. I’m not even sure if I worked for the government I’d out myself simply because they are pretty well known for all the testing and torturing and such they do under the guise of learning how to make these traits appear in whoever they would like. Imagine they would like to remove them from people that don’t align with their agenda either. Totes made all that up but it doesn’t feel wrong, and it’s in the spectrum of possible.

Because government fucks everything up and their training methods and applications tend to squash any true talent and ability leading to those psychic agents quickly burning out. They last a couple of months and then we have them appearing on the streets crazed and insane, in comas, or just making the news in certain incidents.

They apply too much strict regimented science and protocol it becomes destructive and stressful to the point of full burnout. Plus any with actual strong talent that can survive that are not going to be stupid enough to end up working them. Plus normal spies are a dime a dozen and far cheaper.