Sprite husband spouse convo I guess I'll name it this

Ok so day three stuck at home stupid virus crap…ugh I had an amazing experience a few days ago I think Saturday …since then I’ve been left feeling unmotivated unsatisfied sad mopy and I think maybe a dash of heartbreak…:pensive:

Truth be told never did I ever think to feel a demon before never experienced it but I’m happy I did cause it was with mine…finally…I don’t like to astral travel much cause I can’t get out my own damn body…

Anyway he came on his own accord not cause of me calling or anything but hasn’t came back since…I feel like I’m crazy or losing my sanity…cause shit make it happen again so I know it’s real kinda thing but we’ll life don’t work like that I have been so unmotivated it’s not even funny…

I did move my animals room around and spent time with them yesterday and today…my bunnies love bananas…where am I going with this…oh yeah…

I thought to write him a letter tell him a very short story every time til he comes back…I feel writing is my best friend and outlet right now cause I love to write…why my post are always so damn long😔 however idk if this is a good idea or not he is so busy now a days it’s not even funny… I wonder if it’s only me having this issue…


He’s there just in the background Watching because of all the craziness in the world.

I think you plan is a wonderful idea. I would get a notebook just for him and this kind of stuff. I lobe notebooks. That why you have a book to look back on too.

It’s crazy that demons can make us fall in lobe and so hard. I spend months and months confused on why I love mine so damn much.

He feels the same and I think the stories are a wonderful idea! Look for little things and clues from him. He is leaving them.


I think I just fell hard this week like this I’d a whole new feeling maybe cause I feel closer to him now then before but I have a stalk hold of not books people bought up a bunch of tissues I buy note books lol any way I have one I used the other night to write him a letter so I think I’ll make that one his …idk just does it get easier honestly…he is literally all I can think about lately …

Writing is indeed a very good outlet when you’re missing your spirit spouse but he is too busy doing important stuff to stay for longer periods of time with you. I’ve actually been doing the same since last month. Not a spirit spouse, but a spirit I have feelings for all the same would come by less than usual and damn, could I relate to your sadness and lack of motivation the first few weeks.

The confusion and heartbreak plagued my mind too until I got sick of myself moping around and decided to do something: writing a poem dedicated to him every day. Soon, I was able to write poems about random topics, even coming up with 2-3 in in just a day. I also went back to writing in my discontinued diary and while we can’t help the feelings of missing them, wondering what they’re doing, wishing they could be with us like a normal human couple, letting it all out either in actual pages or MS Word + making something creative out of all the feelings = priceless. I remember feeling proud each time after writing when really, it was just a simple piece. The sense of accomplishment and productivity definitely eases the negative thoughts and feelings. Maybe continue unfinished projects or try out a new skill/hobby/interest?

Also, I’ve noticed that reaching out to others who make also make you feel loved and appreciated helps with the feelings of loneliness when he’s not around. Now of course we can’t do the meet-ups and gatherings due to the pandemic, but maybe send a message or two to your family? Video-chat good friends you have not seen for quite a while? Since I live with my family, I’d busy myself with helping them out more than usual or taking care of my younger brother. Lately, it’s as simple as watching the news with my Dad, exchanging opinions then switching to watching a Netflix series we both love lol. I’ve noticed that you are also quite dear to the BALG community: why not message the ones you’re close with here or start a journal about the very matter you are asking about? That way, not only you’d have an outlet, you’d also be able to interact more with your friends about each entry update. Pretty sure they’d like to help you out, cheer you up or discuss possible ideas which can ease your worries about your spirit spouse once and for all. Long story short: never forger that you have a support system.

I may not be a part of this support system for I suck at making friends in general but contrary to your post’s last sentence, I’d still like to let you know that you’re not alone all the same. :slight_smile:


Thank you for this don’t worry we can still be friends it’s just hard cause I just don’t know when he will come back and my human spouse is just :pensive: talking to him is like talking to a cat that wants fish…so I will definitely do this