Springing Through A Turtles Mind

I was going to start this journal in March, but creativity has begun flowing and am being pushed to start now. I am trying to create at least one thing each day and some of the things I create, I will share here. Anything is game, whether it be a painting, music, video, photography, writing, poems, thoughts and sharing others songs or art that is inspiring to me at this moment.

I am ready to ride this wave and see where I end up. Just a little peak into my mind.


One of my favorites…


February 25

The falling,
waters in your soul.
where you,
stand in the soil.
This world,
will tear you down,
and throw you around.

But you will see,
what you do,
what you’ll be.
And all the things,
that you see,
will be taken.

Taken around,
across the ground,
and tossed in the sea.

The lights that come down before ye.
The lights that come down inform thee.
The lights that come down will encompass you.
Until you see.
Until you see.
Until you see.


A little late night listening


February 27

Shadows falling,
night has come.
Coldness encompasses
and warmth overflows.

Wade into the water,
and see what she has to show you.
Take a glimpse of the reflection,
and see what the future holds.


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Perfection. You paint a beautiful picture.

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Thank you.

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February 28

The flowers are falling,
there is not much time left tonight.
I walked around,
the lonely grounds,
and peaked into the void.

The void of lost souls,
souls that were left around,
around to decay and neglect
neglect from what was first found.

Found in the ashes of tomorrow’s foundation.
Found in the gardens soil.
Found with the futures banishment.
With little hope to which is to know.

Now, fly and be free,
and enjoy what this life has to give.
Now, fly and be free,
and know what it is like to live.

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March 1

A new month begins and I welcome it. The creativity that has awoken will continue. I will focus more on music, video and paintings.
The darkness enveloped,
the early spring night,
as the spirits join together,
welcoming the changes.
We all wait.

Waiting for the sand,
that flows through your soul.
Changing my thoughts,
as I lose control.

Dreams explode like sunshine,
on a warm summer day.
Don’t mind the darkness,
as it welcomes me home.



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March 2

Let the frequencies wash over you,
as the sound transforms your soul.
Repeating throughout the night,
echoing beyond control.

I scream, out of joy,
melting as I flow.

Down the rivers of endless night.
Sown by the rivers of endless fright.
Learn from your fear.
There is no reason.
There is no fear.
Don’t be scared.
Be aware.

Aware of what surrounds you,
and what may come your way.

Floating away
Floating away…

March 3

I was awoken by a thunderstorm last night. I love storms. I love the energy they produce. The cleansing rain, the electricity. The season is changing and I am coming alive again. I welcome the changes.

This morning when I awoke, the sun is out and there are birds singing. It is beautiful! :black_heart::black_heart::black_heart:

March 7

Started a new painting today. Not sure where it is going, just enjoying the ride. This just the first layer. I need to find a better way to photograph paintings.

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March 17

Bright light
from the night
will open your sight
and make you aware.

Away from the sea
away from me
washing the rhythms
straight from your soul.

A soul on a roll
with little regard to control.
Dancing with the night,
sulphur and the light.

Come forth from the sun.
Come forth on the run.
Come forth between the light.
Come onto the moonlight night.


March 19

Homework for the weekend

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