Spreading the Faith

My time on this forum is almost done. (I will be around but I will not be posting for a while, will respond via PM though)

I have spent the last two weeks gathering my strength and learning the many lessons Belial has taught me through our communication via dreams.

I will share these as well with you all in the next few days they are quite practical, and ones any magician advanced or novice can benefit from I assure you.

In the mean time, a little status up date. I have been going around the internet spreading the word and glory of the great lord Belial, his first instruction: “Build me an army, Give to me Positive Praise.”

And so I have, I have peaked the many interests of people who are interested in the knowledge of the great Scorpion God. I hope to in time put these people on the same path that we all have been put on… Human Aeonic Evolution.

-Sincerely Sinister