Spontaneous Vision During Sex

The Setting.

Okay to explain there was no magick or ritual going on at all. I was having sex with my partner, just normal sex. However something strange occurred during us being intermittent.

What Happened.

During sex she was on top of me and I got very, turned on more than usual. I felt like a strange energy surge rose through my spine and hit me with like a bolt of lightning.

As this happened I became extremely rough and began choking her. However my strength and speed was incredible, to the point I would thrust inwards towards her and she would rise in the air.

I had to pull her back down with every thrust as if I was fucking her airborn and then to pull her back down and then she’d rise back in the air and this went on and on.

I became extremely dizzy once another energy surge flowed through me. When this happened I saw a vision.

My eyes closed and boom, I saw a luminous green eye bleeding, the bone structure under the eye wasn’t human. The skin of the face was actually orange and the veins in the eye seemed to be almost bursting out.

Once I saw this eye I got even more rough, to the point my partner orgasmed and ejaculated too much the sexual pleasure became to much for her to bare.

So I suggested we’d stop and her back seemed to be covered in bruises from me, normally I’m the one with the bleeding back.

However the whole experience was extremely unusual, the energy surges, the vision, the increased strength and speed and even becoming sexually uncontrollable and animalistic.

I’m looking for the members of this forum to give me your opinion on what happened here.




I don’t even Know how to interpret this. So I’ll give it to @Arcane and @thatrandomguy if they want to give it a shot.

I’ll think on it.


Much appreciated.

Eyes represent perception. They observe. They see. I’d start there.

I thought about looking at it from a symbolic approach just like you mentioned but every fibre of my body tells me that’s not the case.

shrugs I have green eyes but they’re sure as hell not luminous nor am I Trump.

Otherwise, I have nothing right now.

I have had some crazy imagery come over me during sex multiple times. Sometimes totally random extreme excitement, that seemingly explodes into action without a known trigger. Other times while personally shifting my psychological focus, I seem to run into an inability to concentrate and thereby that temporary confusion seems to be the trigger the random visual and kinesthetic input.

Personally I think it has to do with the alignment of my yang dominate energy system with the polor opposite, building to that state of union or temporary energetic perfection being irresistible to anything from the unseen realm lurking nearby. It is union and energetic explosion which brings about physical creation after all…something admired across all realms.

In addition to the thoughts above, I had with detailed conversation with a native American medicine man back in '02. He told me that aside from the active dreamscape, we were most vulnerable to unseen influence at 3 times.

  1. when over tired and about for fall asleep, ie drifting in and out, and fully committed to just sleeping.
  2. when on the toilet and fully engaged in attaining relief in that capacity.
  3. while having sex and building towards climax.

@C.Kendall just my 2 cents lol. It could the merging of energy of the sacral chakra and heart chakra. As it was sexual energy combined with love energy. Dionysian ecstatic energy during sexual and orgiastic rites have described similar things too.

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Is your partner about to ovulate? My sister and I have this theory that not every month but occasionally in the lead up and during ovulation the pheromones must be strong and causes guys to literally behave like an animal(rougher, forceful, biting, etc). That could potentially explain your animalistic ways with her.
The first thing that actually came to mind when I was reading this was a convo I had with someone explaining that green mist to be portal. Could the eye be a portal you opened, opened with force by the sounds of it?
P.s hope your girl’s ok

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It seems like you broke down a barrier, shifting your perception away from mankind in what Castaneda refers to as a “lateral shift towards the left side of awareness”, which is also where visions of spirituality are often found. The kinds of things within the collective human inventory, which move away from the world of reason.

Meditate on the vision, and the feelings that it brought about, such as the increased ferocity at which you went, though my intuition tells me that what you tapped into was another version of you.

The shock of this all had your body gyrating and adjusting to the shift, tapping into a more natural and chaotic state, as sex usually tends make a shift happen, since it makes you lose your human filters. This is even more apparent in how rough you were, and with your increased senses, and physical abilities.

The energy rising up your spine, like lightning also denotes empowerement, and in this case awakening. The spine always significies power, and there is a lot that can be done with it besides just simple Kundalini awakening.

Finally, there’s the factor we’ve overlooked, which is your partner, since I have no idea on who she is, beyond her sex. Is she someone you mesh with well on an energetic level? Is she a witch? What’s her spiritual history and ancestry? Who is she, in your life?