Spontaneous Telekinesis Episode in the Kitchen

That moment when you are making a cup of tea and the mug slides across the bench. Like what just happened over here. Now it would be something Awesome if it was a tequila shot sliding full length down the bar, complete with worm delivering the beverage without spilling a drop, but a cuppa tea doing a dainty little pirouette on the bench? wtf. I need to lift my game.

Sure. Everything we do is actually quite crazy but some craziness we’ve grown accustomed to enough to call it “normal” or “natural”. Yes, sure telekinesis, teleporting, multi-location, simultaneous experience of seeming “opposites”, time-travel, instant “materialisation” etc. the works: all valid.

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It happens when there is alot of energy influx as a by product of creative processes. It’s crazy alright. Thanks for your thoughts on it.