Spontaneous paranormal experiences


Let me first start by saying , happy Hollows Eve everyone! I just wanted to start a thread where people could share their paranormal experiences…not necessarily the ones that you consciously “made” happen but the ones that seem to come from no where.

Ill start with the experience that got me interested in the unknown. When I was 8-9 I was sleeping over at my grandmothers and in the middle of the night was awoke. There was a tall(over 6ft), muscular shadow standing in the door way with fiery red eyes. I began to feel as if I was being electrcuted. Shock waves were making my body feel as if I was violently convulsing. It seemed like forever but the experience only lasted 5 minutes or so. After being “shocked” the entity told me he would return for me at a later time, I have yet to see this being again. I immediately ran and woke my grandmother shaking, sweating and sobbing. I told her everything. The next morning she told me about some of her paranormal experiences and her past as a practicing witch, things that I certainly did not before. After it was all said and done I was quite greatful for the experience because itgave me a healthy outlet to explore my interests at an early age via my grandmother. I have no doupt in mind what I experinced was not an over active imagination or a dream. It felt more real than anything I have experienced and I still remember it in explicit detail.


Sounds like a visitation by a djinn or some non humanm ‘physical’ traveler.


Well I thought I had awoken out of a dream and felt a presence in the shadows. Once I realised that there was definitely something there my “body” began to vibrate and started tof eel really crazy. Like parts of it were going to sleep and other parts were vibriting is the best way I can describe it … Then for some reason I began to try to repel it in the name of Satan. I said “I command you in the name of Satan to leave” over and over but I think he got a kick out of this and made it clear he was going no where. Then the body of my fiance who I was sleeping by slipped off the bed. I looked over the bed and I didnt see her so I hopped off the bed and her hand came from underneath the bed and grabbed my ankle. When this happened everything got super blurry. The next thing I knew I was standing there, my fiance body was back in bed and there was a huge lizard looking thing with red eyes on the ground. He said he just wanted to talk to me for a bit but we better go outside. So he scurred down the hallway and out the door and I folllowed him. We get outside and we hear peoples voices it seemed like it startled him. He told me to wait at the top of the stairs outside and he went down to see if the “coast was clear” was the impression I got. He came back rather quickly up the steps and I woke up right before he got back to me. This happened a few nights ago