Spontaneous Intuition

This is a presentation of Actual magiccal forms.

Just like living things, thoughts evolve and change over time. Though often time thought is held back by gatekeepers of the times and regurgitates of the husk. Behold not the husk but look to the new creation which is readily apprehendable.

The human being is complete with the appropriate apparatus which is the summated correspondants which facilitate interaction across the entirety of the cosmos. For the apparatus is the divine tool and is the very summated form of the cosmos, having actually been formed from the dust of the very cosmos itself. The human is more than a physical body. So to does our apparatus extend beyond what is referred to as the common mundane spectrum of societal norm and function.

So what are the actual forms of Magicc? What is Magicc? Magicc and other used variations of the word are archaic ambiguous meaningless words which have no meaning for all meaning having been associated with them. Magic has been intertwined, bastardized, and made into an impure thing used by people to play mere mind games and surf waves on mystical ego trips. Magick is dead.

Tec Modality -

The experiential realities of the individual human are based on their centering of their own awareness within the apprehension of their own correspondants. Every individual extends differently across all manor of ever evolving, incalculable modalities. Some individuals are not wholly connected to the common mundane spectrum. So they must be aided by the TRUE “living gods”, not scorned and cast out like how the lightworkers and Christians treat people…

So truly there are as many “paths” as their are individuals. The only reason this is not readily observable is because of the gatekeepers who persist across all dynamic and dimensions of the realities whether societal or “magiccal”. There are those who claim their path is to break other people’s paths. This is neither the harmony of karma nor the natural progression of consequence. Furthermore, one who keeps gates, stands behind them… and never walks their own path. For those who claim to be such goes out aught to learn healing. Then you might actually be good for something. Everyone in endowed with their own inner dark council. So they will be taught by their own inner judgment, allowing the actual natural consequences to occur.

So what are the real works of actual gods?

  • to assist in the evolution of consciousness present on earth

  • to partake in consciousness induction to earth (aliens, gods, and spirits becoming human / partaking in humanity)

  • to seek to qualify the SELF and the COSMOS and to assist those who REQUEST qualification (qualification by resonation not logic, resonation is a track of the potentiality, the idea is to guide to their better potential. Qualification by logic summons death)

  • inner alchemy where by the light and chemical within the physical body is trained over DECADES

  • throne work (it’s HIGHLY unlikely the members of this community are familiar with this level work. I will need to contact my superiors and then dedicate an entire thread to just this work)

  • the spiritual traversing of the cosmos and exploration of the same (there’s SO many ways to do this, even full obe but full obe is not part of my way. it’s too much on my current humanity’s physical consciousness) Also, included in this is the personalization of the cosmos, to meet impersonal stuff and laws of the cosmos, as personified beings capable of granting knowledge and even friendship


“Sing to him a new song; play skillfully, and shout for joy” Psalm 33:3

“Sing to the LORD a new song; Sing to the LORD, all the earth.” Psalm 96:1

Who you love is what you serve. What you will is your service. For all serve the Lord. Who’s your Lord?

Nicely written, but not a new idea - the dead eye, which sees only the decaying forms already manifest and prone to entropy and rot; the living eye within, that sees that which it is to bring into being.

A lot of us have been there (and are still using honey jars, drawing sigils, acting in the created dead world in the forms and manners of this world - just as we act in the Uncreated according the only things that seem to matter within that, which for me are Love, and Desire, and for other people on here may be different things).

Why am I busting your chops? (And obviously as a member, not a mod, and I’ll stop if you want.)

Because you’re making big claims, and so far haven’t given us much to back them up - that means I’m going to hold you to a higher standard than some guy fresh out of a church-oriented town in the mid-west, who’s still not sure what jesus thinks of him using sigils to get a job.

He is a precious potential future magus, a seed of great potential, and most people on here will do whatever they can to nurture him - you’re claiming oak-tree status, so I want to see how much you can support in those branches, what refreshing shade you can cast, and how deep your roots go. :slight_smile:

My roots extend into hell and flow forth my powers and essence reversed. For my branches and thin and weary from a tremendous sun. My damned loves, I long for their return. :frowning: