Spoken Spells

After stumbling upon EA Koetting’s banishing from KoF on the forum, and also seeing a Kali Mantra, Ive been curious about solely chanting for spellwork.

The goal, is to cut items and prerequisites of spells. Anybody have any thoughts on the subject they’d care to share?

The current objective is self empowerment and learning mantras for energy/assistance, but naturally the goals will shift as familiarity increases. Curious as to mantras others find useful, I’m still searching for which currents and forces suit me at the moment


Currently, to cast off the negativity or a connection, ill chant/sing for assistance of Astrea and the purple flame to sever ties not of my choosing. It is usually done on the fly, and modified to the current situation


The potency of spells in general seems to tie into the degree of your own power you can tap. Part of which is discovering how powerful you really are which can only be explored through experience.

For example on the frame of chaos magick a handful of mantras i’ll use on the fly are pulled from some games,old shows and some movies. But once you get familar with the various states from ritual it gets easier to fall into them when ya need to.

It works because once you understand your own power and can shift into the altered state of mind where word and symbol are law doing and making your own rituals gets alot easier.