Spirt companion

Hi everyone I need some help I’m still really new to magic and demons but I got my perfect match from lilith for a spirt companion. I have her name and sigil but I haven’t been able to manifest her into my life or have a sign that she is with me or watching me at all. Please can you help me solve my issues on why she hasn’t manifested. So I can have her with me with my issues I’m having thanks for your support everyone!

Probably because you do not have the developed senses necessary as a beginner.


What exactly do you mean

When asking for a succupi she normally comes with her own name and it take 24 hours or less to get her to you

Meditation and a nice letter for her would help you

To communicate use a pendallum for now til you build a relationship with her

Once you do that and your conneted, you should start being able to hear her voice in your mind or just give permission

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I mean, to properly feel and interact with a spirit, you have to have developed your senses in order to so. It’s magick 101.

The good news is, your succubus companion can help you to sense her, if asked.


DarkestKnight I’m brand new to all of this how do I get her attention and ask her to help me.

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I had jd Temple performed his ritual but haven’t been able to contact my succubus. Is their more I can do and I will take your advice to has writting a nice letter but do I burn it afterwards?

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I myself let’s just say I will never be able to have a incubus but I believe you so burn it all you can do is wait after words and if nothing within three days you have to do the ritual yourself most likely it’s always better that way anyway

Try sigil scrying :wink:
Maybe it works for you.
Gaze on the sigil until it flashes.

Do you is their more too it than that like candles ect. And how long as long as it takes or for like 20 to 30 mins