Spiritually inseminating a Herkimer for Prosperity

Bridge trolls helped me draw out the genetic blueprints for this new spirit that’s already been extremely helpful, showing obvious signs of increased luck with monetary income. I am inviting many energies to come forth in the structuration of this lucky creaturation, sofar it is showing me that my intention is pure and I barely have to do much, I just tap into it and it shows me how to intesseract with it.

This Herkimer was blessed by two native American shamans and the way it found me was intensively synchroharmonious.

I just thought I would share my progress with my luck magic.


But have you balanced the triangular energy field of your supreme being, opened your chakras and sealed the stones of power?

If you don’t seal the stones of power, you can’t complete the equilibrium and initiate crystal transcendence of the astral spheroid with your higher power.

If not, @Myrddin can help you with it.


I’m sorry, I don’t adhere to your chosen systems, I’ve been developing my own, but thank you for trying.

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The train came, so I used it to my advantage and pulled energy from it’s passing.

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