Spiritual Soaps?

Hi everyone, more and more I am realizing the importance of a common ritual we do every day i.e. the shower or bath. Visualizing all scum, negative energy etc. leaving your body and going down the drain. Imagining the water from the shower head is golden in color or bright white light, saying mantras while showering all great.

I think spiritual soaps are also very useful too. Castile, Rue, Carbolic, Frankincense and Myrrh soap, Cinnamon soaps are some I have used that have given me a boost, lightened my aura etc.

Do you guys have any that you recommend?


Mmm I recommend adding coffee to a bath a lot of times when people are having issues with negativity. Roughly 85% of the people I’ve recommended it to, tried it at least once, though many for the full seven days I recommended for them have reported it helped a lot. I also have taken to adding pink Himalayan salt to my bath.

@anon88521623 has been making a lot of things themselves, and I am sure I saw her making soaps a few weeks ago, she may have some recipes she likes. I don’t like the ones that leaves a ton of herbs in the bath that stick to you and leave you feeling like you need a shower, but most of the scrub like ones suit me fine.

Of course if you mean to purchase them, rather than whip up something of your own, I’d almost recommend going to a craft sale. I used to take my home made candles and things I knitted to them, and I’d find the neatest hand made jewelry and soaps and things so. A lot of those women aren’t advertising it for spiritual needs, but when you get into the home made stuff with herbs, I am certain you could bless and consecrate it like anything else and use it for this practice.


OMG you are so right with the coffee, I was unemployed for almost two years a few years ago and a couple of hours after taking a bath in coffee bean husks I got a job that I still have today. I had gotten the idea from a book called Papa Jimm’s Herbal Magick.

I have added pink salt and epsom salt to baths as well. Baking soda, a splash of ammonia, salt and hydrogen peroxide are also very good for removing negativity. Tried it myself go that from the book Spiritual Cleansing from Draja Mickaharic.

Another one that I have been doing for a few days now is using laundry blue squares and lemons. Some people also add salt. Really feeling a sense of peace so far I am on day two now.

Lol I kinda like the ones that leave things on me sometimes I look at myself in the mirror with the herbs etc clinging to me and I feel more powerful :laughing:

These days im moving a bit away from these pre-made spiritual goods, I don’t mean like the hand crafted mom and pop types that you get at fairs off etsy etc. However, these oils and baths being sold by these big spiritual factories are suspect to me. It seems most of them just get some cheap oil, color is green and add some sweet fragrance and slap on a label for example money drawing oil. These oils and baths etc. have no money drawing herbs etc. as ingredients.

I am gonna check out the posts from @anon88521623 to see if I can get any ideas myself…thanks


No problem, the thread I was thinking of is in the lounge, I was going to link it then realized I didn’t think you could see it, but I’m sure they can help you when they are online :).

It’s funny how people are different isn’t it? lol I can’t stand stuff sticking to my skin… Like even grounding I hate getting my feet dirty. I’m such an odd duck lol.


hold on this forum has a lounge??? lolz had no idea so you are right I can’t see it :joy:

So true at ppl being different, what gets me sometimes is the cleanup from those kind of baths, so I mostly like those baths that you hate. So what happens now is that my shower is a mess because it doesn’t make sense to keep on cleaning daily so I wait until the entire course is done e.g. 7 days, 9 days etc. then do a cleaning. Now with the blue squares the shower is stained a so I have to really put some elbow into the cleaning lolz

Then with some of them when I moisturize my skin the herbs fall to the floor so I have to sweep like daily. Last night I realized the blue had stained my sheets. :rofl: enough to drive you up the wall right.

BTW do you add magickal oils to your moisturizers etc?

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I don’t but I have started to make some of mine, I made an oil recently from Tulsi ( Holy Basil in some places) and I’ve been adding a few drops to my nebulizer fluid and contemplating adding it to a lotion or moisturizer but I wasn’t sure how it would take unless I either bought a chemical free version or made my own. I’ve made candles but not lotion or bars of soaps, so even though I’m vaguely familiar, I’m not familiar enough with the chemical reactions to something store bought to be confident in trying it. I have made sugar scrubs though, so I mean… Idk more research would be needed on my end or trial and error at least :stuck_out_tongue:

I am about halfway through essentially a two week intensive so, after that goodness knows I may play with soaps and things for a break lol.

Edit: Yes there is a lounge. It’s available once you hit tl3 member status. I didn’t even know I had hit that status myself until I was making trouble a few months ago and it was pointed out :stuck_out_tongue: (not it wasn’t intentional but lol I am an odd duck after all)

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I mostly use rosemary soap as its good for cleansing (also u can add on salt on the soap bar to sort of make a scrubbing soap - haven’t done that myself but have seen that be recommended, I use dragons blood soap too but mostly these in the showers but for baths, just add in epsom salt with a few cleansing oils added in - rosemary will always be a good option as its protective aswell as cleansing (and especially some say can be used in the place of almost any herb) also lavender is good for cleansing/promoting positive energies etc. Lemongrass, Hyssop are also good options for adding in as oils or using if u can find them in soap bar form

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I don’t have a specific type to recommend, but I know people who use Florida Water soap or cologne in the bath. Also, you can get an empty hand soap pump, fill it partially with unscented liquid soap (for instance, unscented Dr. Bronner’s liquid soap) and then mix in the occult/spiritual oil of your choice. You can mix up different batches for different intentions. It doesn’t take much oil. It’s easy to use in the shower or bath. Gets you squeaky clean while amplifying your magickal intention.

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I make my own plant extracts, so i usually just add some to a pot after decocting relevant herb material if adding any.

My favorite bath for cleansing, purifying, protection, charging incorporates Vervain (verbena officianalis), Angelica Archangelica, and elderflower with my own relevant chants/poems associated with each, sort of like “activating” the channel with the plant spirit. Ive found it cleansing, rejuvenating, beautifying and amped up for more work. I also like to burn white copal or other resins, so the bathroom is full of steam and smoke.

On particularly spiritually “dirty” days, ive felt the energy channels open throughout my body like things are cycling through with actual physical sensations almost like electricity and stripped of anything clinging. When i regularly take these baths, its less cleansing and more empowering, like infusing their power within me for my work, and ill try to proceed within an hour or two after.

For day-to-day showers, if i just need a quick cleanse and protect, ive begun incorporating a few drops of vervain or angelica in a cup filled with water, that i call to and pour over myself in conclusion.


(sorry, my english isn’t that good but I’ll try to explain) I’ve been making specialty soaps myself for all occasions based on the plant/herbs’s properties. I believe by using these soaps, it will aid in changing the frequency of energy around your body. They are also made with the intention in mind during the whole process. Here are some examples of my recipes:

Cleansing: Rosemary & cedarwood EO w/ kaolin clay (Oils used: Coconut, Olive, Canola, Castor, Apricot kernel)

Power boosting: Ginger & Lemongrass EO (Oils used: Olive, Borage, Flaxseed, Grapeseed, Castor)

So far, they’ve been working really well for the purpose they were made for. :grin: I would be happy to send you guys some if you wanna try them out, I need some feedback on the recipes by other people. (It might take forever to reach though…)


I’m interested. I’ve been really wanting to work with herbs and plants more and wasn’t sure exactly how I want to do it, so I’d be interested if your sharing.

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