Spiritual Signs ?!?

So lately I’ve been getting these flashes not sure of the accuracy. Yet I feel like the other side has been trying to tell me something.
So first off I’ve always seen things that weren’t there are could see faces and images in objects like sand , the wall, the clouds, etc.
The other day like Monday I seen these rock of mud and they were green to me, seemed to look like mold or something. The entire inside of this rock/ mud recked of sulfur or rotten eggs so I asked my coworkers did they see this and they were like see what it’s just mud. I consistently argued with them and asked why they were not turned off by the aroma. Yet they claimed I was going mad. I was seeing and smelling things. So I paid no mind. The best day Tuesday. We were working down in a hole digging and when I dug a deeper I could see a face of this beautiful woman and I glared at it and it became a skull. Okay I believed I was going crazy now. Then I heard my name called but no one tested up to it . Today I was spotting for my operator and watching clouds ( my job can be boring and slow ) I saw one cloud of this handsome baby boy and when the cloud started to move his face became a skull. At this point I know I wasn’t going mad. Later on today I was standing still thinking and heard a soft wispher say Runn. I stood still and continued to spot so I watched as the operator pulled some dirt from a pile and there was a black horse’s head staring at me. Someone please tell me wats going on ?