Spiritual realms

The Worlds and Their Subfrequencies:

+6; Omega; Unknown beings.
+5; Viod; Keepers, beings of the outer darkness.
+4; Divine; Primordial forces of order, gods and saviors.
+3; Angelic; Angels.

*Physical Realm
+2; Spiritual; Teachers, masters, faeries, light beings, ancestors, animal spirits, plant spirits, crystal and mineral spirits as well as devas.
+1; Etheric; Faeries, familiars and guides.
~0; Physical; Humans.
-1; Subetheric; Faeries, familiars and guides.
-2; Plutonian; Ghosts, land spirits, faeries, shadow people, ancestors, animal spirits, plant spirits, crystal and mineral spirits as well as devas.

-3; Unhallowed; Demons.
-4; Chaos; Primordial forces of chaos, gods and tricksters.
-5; Viod; Keepers and beings of outer darkness.
-6; Omega; Unknown beings.

Each world, the Overworld, Physical Realm and Underworld, are separate worlds with different planes within each world. Each plane has its own beings as well as certian frequencies.
The frequencies are marked as either +(positive) or -(negative). This is not to say that the positive (+) beings in different planes are all good, just as the negative (-) beings in different planes are not all bad. The frequencies are really the vibrations of a certian plane and of the beings within that plane.
The physical plane is the plane with zero frequency/vibration. In other words it is neutral (~).

The planes are mirror images of our own physical plane, but with each degree of separation from our own plane, and the individual planes are altered in their own way. Each spirit type is incapable of manifesting fully outside of its own realm; however, with a few exceptions, they are capable of affecting realms within a certian radius of their own. Again with each degree of separation their influence is altered and often weakned.

I got this information from a book called Witches Book of Spirits.

Sort of interesting with this Author’s take on all of the different realms and planes of existence… I believe it is even more expansive and diverse than what is said above…

Any thoughts.


I would like to get behind the concept but i just can’t, i just feel its more complicated then that, maybe similar but but still way more complicated

Dont get me wrong its an awesome concept i i like that you put it out here, maybe i or you can meditate on like to think if its possible or i can ask a spirit because I do remember a spirit mentioning this, maybe in a dream anyway enough of my rabmlings


Yeah i tottaly agree that its more complex than that but i guess its a concept of different realities…
Its hard to really categorize all of it into something we can digest.

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Many of the ancients had various words for various things here on earth wherther physical or non. The deeper you go into your own Gnosis the more relevance you will find. For example the two words messenger and intelligence have been whimsically manipulated in world human language. Understanding the language and the literal meaning of what is being spoken often helps to bare the fruit of spiritual endeavours. Im not saying a person needs to be fluent in the languages (tho it helps) but putting an effort into knowing their name, even if by asking will make your work solid as gold. Alchemically malleable, so to speak.

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Furthermore the words we use are often times the “mirrors”

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I frequent the realms and I can tell you that it’s far more complex. The numbers go far higher. Human souls can get as far as 15 if assisted, but generally no higher than 5 alone.
And I’ll stop there.


Each human being can have his own version of the spiritual realm… the same as the afterlife and what happens after death. And there will always be someone/s with “personal experience” that points to one version of it… simply because they follow a specific spiritual faith that suggests one version and feeds them that version since childhood or simply out of free choice for one reason or another.

The simple truth remains, we have no idea. We can only imagine and believe what we want to believe because when there is zero evidence, the value of believing something is determined by how useful it is for us - in ritual for example - not by the fact that it’s real or fiction.


Why are you even here if nothing here is enough evidence for you, and likely will never be? You go from thread to thread poking holes in everything regarding the LHP, however you laud the Abrahamic Angelic work as excellent results.
Perhaps I’m mistaken because I’ve only observed a while of your posts, but it is how you come across, and quite strongly.
Perhaps you can give some clarity to other readers who may be wondering the same thing.

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You probably forgot what the LHP means. I have enough evidence for what matters to me, magick. Not specific faith or belief system. That’s what the LHP is about.

I work with Angels and Demons. The Abrahamic God/s and Satan. And they all produced good results. Is that a problem for you ? :slight_smile:

What you personally believe is only your beliefs. Attacking others like that and try to “kick them out or shut them up” is what religious extremists usually do. Not free thinkers and definitely not LHP magicians.

Instead of attacking me personally like this, discuss my thoughts and ideas. Or not.

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I’m just trying to understand your “prove it or it’s not real” thing.


What do you think about it ? Do you think it’s too much to ask or expect before accepting any belief or rejecting it?

Outside of magick and rituals, how people usually accept or reject information ?

Besides that, it’s not exactly “prove it or it’s not real”… it’s more like, if there is not enough evidence then it’s “maybe, maybe not”.


For me the “proof is in the pudding”


You know what, it’s your thing to dissect things in that manner and it’s okay. I will not take your posts personally in regards to my own journey and then it won’t make me wonder. Yes, everyone has their own level of how they accept something into their reality.


Can’t argue with your decision. Wish you all the best in your journey and I apologize if anything I said wasn’t appropriate.

Good luck :slight_smile:


Thanks for all the replies and i do understand that these realms are much more expansive then anything we can conceive of… But we sure as hell try to Categorize them… Lol.