Spiritual protection

Can a demon get rid of someone’s spiritual protection likes guides, their ancestors, etc???

Like if I summoned haures could he do it.

They could try, but it all depends on what specific protection a person has.

Active ancestral protection is VERY hard to overcome, because it is tied directly to a person’s blood and who they are. You would probably have more luck pleading your case to the target’s Higher Self than overcoming their bloodline.

Demons are powerful for sure, but they are not omnipotent; there are many spirits out there that could kick a demon’s ass.

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Really there’s things more powerful than demons like what this is interesting!!!

Of course there are. Demons are not the be all and end all of spirits. There are an infinite variety of entities in this big ol’ multiverse that we get to play in.

Angels and demons are simply the beings closest to us. There are also nature spirits, dozens of different pantheons of gods, the Fae, elementals, planetary forces, cosmic beings of chaos and entropy, galactic forces, ad infinitum.

Always remember, there is always something bigger.