Spiritual practices of the Cherokee, Navajo, Apache and other indigenous people

Does anyone have any experiences here ?

I love the connection they have with nature and how nature seems to truly communicate with them through very visible signs

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Shamanism. And yes I kind of do.


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I did.

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I just responded

Cool, keep checking. Also what questions do you have.

Okay, I am going to be that guy. Because this really irks me. Practices, spirituality, and mythology differ greatly from tribe to tribe. There is no over arching “native American spirituality”. If I embraced my Cherokee roots and started working with an elder, the resulting practice would look vastly different than a Navajo or Blackfoot spiritual leaders practice. So you really need to be more precise.


That is extremely true and my intuition tells me you won’t find much here.


I understand and thanks for being that guy. It’s not an area i’m overly familiar with. Thanks for sharing this with me. I didn’t mean to lump all the practices of the indigenous people and I changed my title to reflect that.

That being said, do you have any experience in this field by any chance ?

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I myself am Cherokee. But here’s the deal. From what I’ve HEARD, the Navajo are pretty secretive. I know medicine men practice shamanic traditions, so that’s a start.

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Thanks ! I just got a really good book by a reliable author while I was in Colorado.

It has a lot of the myths in there that I can’t wait to dive into as myths are more often one of the primary ways I connect to spirits.

I’ve also noticed a lot of in real time synchronicities with nature around me that I just love


You may have an idea then. I also have one about shamanism that I need to finish.

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The idea I have are:

  1. find a willing medicine man to teach you
  2. find a reputable source online
  3. learn from spirit.
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I had some interest in the nativ americans spirituality when i was young and read the few books i could find the best one i read is one that doesnt teach you it but its a biography of a medicinmans journey from a young age. Title ” The Wind is my mother”.

My close friend practices Native American spirituality. He’s Navajo. To call them secretive would be an understatement. And when we do ritual together, it’s like the weather is in our direct control, or should I say his direct control, and the land spirits react in interesting ways to us. My Norse rituals combined with his Native practices are a potent mix. And @Aluriel I’m downright offended that you went through Colorado without letting me know :frowning:


I am so sorry ! I wasn’t in Colorado for a long time ! I barely stayed for two days ! If I do visit again I’ll be sure to let you know !

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