Spiritual or physical?

Greetings! After some new experiences I could almost say human is primarily a spiritual being and secondarily a physical being. If it is so what the “heck” does it mean? And how to deal with it?
I don’t know what should I think now. Any thoughts? Comments? :open_mouth:

Deal with it like we’ve always done, sex, booze, and murder…


Of course we are spiritual beings - we are spirits walking around in some meaty suits…

And these meaty suits are as spiritual as our spirits!

The physical is as spiritual as The Source itself - because it IS the Source.

As Above So Below. :slight_smile:


Humans are creatures of duality. Nothing can exactly 50/50 or 100% in any one area because then it’d all be chaotic. “Dealing” with it is a fact of life.

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We are both spiritual and physical. However practitioners of magic tend to be more spiritually aware and apply their learned knowledge to the physical aspect of their humanity.